The MSc Economics & Philosophy programme strikes the perfect balance between quantitative analysis and philosophical argument. By requiring the participation in two economics courses together with the MSc Economics students, and in two philosophy courses together with the other MSc Philosophy students, it provides a truly interdisciplinary curriculum. I really felt I got to enjoy the best of both worlds: I noticeably broadened my horizon, exercised my rigorous mathematical thinking ability, trained my logical analytic argumentation skills and learned to apply the skills acquired in one area also to the other, in order to gain fascinating insights.

The MSc Economics & Philosophy degree is a really unique opportunity to reflect on not only the moral and methodological worth and justification of everything you learned in your undergraduate economics degree, but it also provides you with a new perspective on the acute relevance of philosophy on every-day (economic) issues. I therefore highly recommend this double degree of Economics & Philosophy: it doubles your knowledge, it doubles your skills and it definitely doubles your fun at LSE!