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Flexible study

We offer part-time and flexible study options to suit your needs.

The modular format of the degree has enabled me to grow and remain competitive as a professional. 
Lina, Executive Global Master's in Management student

Part-time Master's programmes

A small number of places are available part-time over two years in the following Master's programmes.

Flexible modular executive programmes

Our executive Master's and MBA programmes are delivered in a flexible modular format, to fit around your full-time job.


Executive Global Master's in Management

Work experience requirement: 3 years or more

An intelligent alternative to an MBA, offering an outstanding training in management and leadership for experienced professionals in any industry. Delivered in a flexible global format with modules in London, Beijing and Bangalore. 



Executive MSc Social Business and Entrepreneurship

Work experience requirement: 4 years or more

A socially-focused programme for business leaders across the private and non-profit sectors, integrating social purpose and social impact with the highest level of business and management training.



TRIUM Global Executive MBA

Work experience requirement: 10 years or more

A world-leading Executive MBA for working professionals with a minimum of 10 years' experience, partnered with New York Univeristy Stern School of Business and HEC Paris Business School. Offering a flexible modular format, with classroom teaching across the globe in London, New York, Paris, Shanghai and California.


Online Certificate Courses

LSE’s online certificate courses designed by Department of Management faculty provide the expert knowledge and skills to enhance your career. With a diverse portfolio of subjects, courses take place over 6 to 10 weeks and provide the flexibility for professionals looking to upskill for success.


Automation: Implementation in Business

Learn how to deploy and manage service automation technologies in your organisation, ethically and effectively, for enhanced productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.


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Competitive Strategy and Innovation

Evaluate and leverage your organisation's internal resources to foster innovation for sustainable competitive advantage.



Decision Making: Judgements, Biases and Nudges

Explore the science behind decision-making, and improve your ability to make sound personal and professional choices with a clear, bias-proof process.


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Digital Transformation in HR

Enhance your understanding of data and technology within the HR department and take your organisation to the next level.


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MBA Essentials

Gain holistic business and leadership skills to become a better manager, with this essential toolkit for the contemporary business environment.



Negotiation Programme

Maximise your negotiation skills for business and career success in this six-week online course.


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Technological Disruption: Managing the Impact on Business, Society and Politics

Explore the challenges and opportunities that technological disruption poses for your organisation, and gain the tools to lead the strategic response.


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Leadership and Change

Grow as an authentic and transformational leader, equipped with the practical skills to guide an organisation and its employees through times of change.


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Marketing Analytics for Consumer Insights

Learn how to use data storytelling and develop the technical skills to translate consumer insights into effective marketing strategies and actionable results.


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Managing People and Teams

Develop essential people management skills to manage, motivate, and drive the engagement of talent and teams.


Distance learning undergraduate programmes


University of London International Programmes

Undergraduate distance learning and flexible study programmes delivered by the University of London, with teaching from LSE Department of Management faculty: