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Obituaries 2022

We are sad to report the passing of LSE alumni and staff in 2022. Alumni are listed in alphabetical order in the decade they received their first degree at LSE. Where available, we have included a link to online obituaries. 

1949 and earlier

Jack Higgins (Harry Patterson), BSc Sociology 1947, Obituary 
John Pike CBE, 
DEVCO 1948
Margaret E Williams, BSc Economic History 1947


Talbot D'Alemberte, RFEE 1959, Obituary
Ronald P Brandon, BSc 1951
Julia Clones, 
MSc Economics 1957
Frederick David, BSc Economics 1950, Obituary
Sir Robert Downey, BSc Economics 1951, Obituary
Kenneth Harry, BSc Economics 1955
His Excellency The Hon Emilio Kibaki CGH, BSc Economics 1959, Obituary
Dr Moehamad Soerakoesoemah, BSc Economics 1959


Professor Edward R Ingram Ellis, PhD International History,
Anthony H Finn, BSc Economics 1968, Obituary 
Dr Peter W Fischer, RFEE Economic History 1966
David Milne IV, RFEE 1962, Obituary
Gillian Reader, MSc(EC) Operational Research 1967
Sir Richard C Shepherd, BSc Economics 1964, MSc Government 1969, Obituary



Raph Appadoo, BSc Economics 1973 
Jana Bennett,
MSc International Relations 1978, Obituary
Edward Cawley, DIP Information Systems 1976
Stephen Dunn, MSc Economics 1977, Obituary


Malcolm Greenwood, BSc 1957, OCC Accounting & Finance 1983
Baroness Elspeth Howe of Idlicote, BSc Social Policy & Admin 1985, Obituary










 Sir Tony Wrigley, Obituary

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