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Obituaries 2022

We are sad to report the passing of LSE alumni and staff in 2022. Alumni are listed in alphabetical order in the decade they received their first degree at LSE. Where available, we have included a link to online obituaries. 

1949 and earlier

Joyce E Aylard, BCOM Industrial Relations 1948, Obituary
Professor Kenneth D Bagshawe CBE, BSc Economics 1943, Obituary
Jack Higgins (Harry Patterson), BSc Sociology 1947, Obituary 
Robert A Levinson, 1947, Obituary
Joyce Nalpanis, 
BSc Sociology 1945
John Pike CBE, 
DEVCO 1948
Diana M B Self, BSc Government 1946
Margaret E Williams, BSc Economic History 1947


Donald Angel, BSc Economics 1951
Talbot D'Alemberte,
RFEE 1959, Obituary
Frederick B Barnes, BSc Economics 1958
Marjorie Bocking, BSc Economics 1954
Sir John Bourn, (BSc Economics 1954, PhD Economics 1958), Obituary
Ronald P Brandon, 
BSc 1951
Marjorie M Brooks, CPA 1957
Claudia A B Carasco, BSc Government, BSc Economics 1957, Obituary
Tse F Chang, BSc Statistics and Maths 1956, MSc Statistics and Maths 1974
Julia Clones, 
MSc Economics 1957
Alan  Collinson, BSc Economics 1952
Frederick David, BSc Economics 1950, Obituary
Ian F Hay Davison, BSc Accounting & Finance 1953, Obituary, Obituary
Sir Gordon Downey, BSc Economics 1951, Obituary
R W Greig J.P., CSSA Social Policy & Admin 1956
Joy Halton,
BSc Economics 1954, DPM 1955
Kenneth Harry, BSc Economics 1955, Obituary
David M Hando, BSc Government 1959
Fintan J Heffernan,
DBA 1959, Obituary
Margaret Hooper, CCC 1953, CSSC Social Policy & Admin 1852
His Excellency The Hon Emilio Kibaki CGH, 
BSc Economics 1959, Obituary
Daphne M Knappett, CSSA Social Policy & Admin 1953
William S MacDonald,
BSc Geography 1951
June A C Martin, BCOM Industrial Relations 1950 
John D C Moore,
BSc 1958
Alan O'Collinson, BSc Economics 1952 
Lila Pandalai,
BSc Economics 1953
Aileen M Pebody, CSSC Social Policy & Admin 1954
Nancy Rhind, DASS Social Policy & Admin 1955
Theo Richmond, BSc Sociology 1953, Obituary
Dr Moehamad Soerakoesoemah, BSc Economics 1959
Francis G N Thomas, BSc Accounting & Finance 1955
Dr Keith Thomas, BSc Geography 1954, MSc Geography 1959


Anthea B Batty, BSc 1962
Gautam P Barua,
BSc International History 1961, Obituary
Marion R Cooch,
DBS 1967
Brian C Davis,
BSc Economics 1960
Dr Jeffrey E Davies, BSc Economics 1968, PhD International Relations 1971
Katharine V Davis, LLb Law 1961
Professor Edward R Ingram Ellis, PhD International History
Janet M Elliott, BSc Government 1969, MSCEC Government 1971
Rodney Fielding, BSc International Relations 1960
Anthony H Finn, BSc Economics 1968, Obituary 
Dr Peter W Fischer, RFEE Economic History 1966
Ian L Levene, LLB Law 1969
Anders C Line, RFEE 1962
Mark Harris, LLB Law 1964
Dr Michael A Mills, BSc Government 1963, PhD Government 1970
David Milne IV, RFEE 1962, Obituary
Adrian L Mole, MSc Anthropology 1966, MSc(EC) Industrial Relations 1985
Philip T Murphy, LLB Law 1967
Murray A Pickering, LLM Law 1964
Gillian Reader, MSc(EC) Operational Research 1967
Sir Richard C Shepherd, BSc Economics 1964, MSc Government 1969, Obituary
Raghu Bans Singh, DPM 1961
Isobel M S Taylor, MSc Economics 1958
Cynthia Wells BEM, BSc Economics 1960, Obituary 


Raph Appadoo, BSc Economics 1973 
Jana Bennett,
MSc International Relations 1978, Obituary
Edward Cawley, DIP Information Systems 1976
Nilesh Doshi, BSc Economics 1976
Stephen Dunn, MSc Economics 1977, Obituary
Alison Goldberg, BA 1978, MA International History 1980, PhD International History 1985
Baroness Sally R Greengross, 
BSc Sociology 1971, MPhil 1975, Obituary
H Jeffrey Leonard, MSc Government 1977
Dame Hilary Mantel OBE, LLB Law 1971, Obituary
Dr Lloyd D Raines, MSc Economic History 1972
Dr Martin Ravallion,
MSc Economics 1978, PhD 1983, Obituary
A L Hunter Rivers,
BSc Social Policy & Admin, 1977
Peter J Nowell, BSc Statistics and Maths 1970, MSc Statistics 1971, 


Gregory J Branch, BSc Economics 1980
Dr Cornelia Gassner, LLM Law 1986
Malcolm Greenwood, 
BSc 1957, OCC Accounting & Finance 1983
Baroness Elspeth Howe of Idlicote, BSc Social Policy & Admin 1985, Obituary
Patrick Ravenscroft, MSc Government 1983




Marios Hadjitofis, MSc Social Policy and Admin 2006
Stephen N Scott, MSc Social Psychology 2002




 Darragh Spelman, BSc Political Science and Government 2020


Prof William R Cornish QC FBA LLD, Obituary 
Jude Howell,
Professor Ian Nish,
Rosemary Nixon
Dr Ray J Paul,
Regina Simpson
Dr James C. Woodburn,
Sir Tony Wrigley,