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Obituaries 2023

We are sad to report the passing of LSE alumni and staff in 2023. Alumni are listed in alphabetical order in the decade they received their first degree at LSE. Where available, we have included a link to online obituaries. 

1959 and earlier

Professor Rein Abel, DBA Industrial Relations
Catherine Avent OBE,
CSSA Social Policy & Admin, Obituary
Alec B M Batanero, BSc Economics 1959
Benjamin Bernstein, BSc Economics 1952
Hilde C Browning, CSSC Social Policy & Admin 1951)
Philip G Clancy, BSc 1957
Professor Philip Courtenay, BSc Geography 1953, PhD Geography 1962
Sheila N M Cunningham, (BSc Sociology 1955)
John A Gardiner, (BSc 1957), Obituary
Geoffrey H Gelberg, LLB Law 1955
Patricia S Hender, BSc Sociology 1959, DSS Social Policy & Admin 1978
John V Herring, BSc 1953 
Joan M Hutten, 
CMH Social Psychology 1952
Eric Edwin Lampard,
BSc Economics 1948, Obituary 
John L Monaghan, BSc Government 1958
J Rees, BSc Geography 1958
Professor Alice Shalvi, CSSA 1949, Obituary
Khursheed A Siddiqui,
BSc Accounting & Finance 1958
David A Stieber, BSc Accounting and Finance 1959
Sir William Taylor,
BSc Sociology 1952, Obituary
Reginald C Wright OBE, CMH Social Policy & Admin 1951


Cyril N Aydon, BSc 1962
Harry C Blaney III,
RFEE Government 1965
Gladys Sylvia Brooks,
BSc Sociology 1949, DSWMH Social Policy and Admin1968
Sir Alan P. Budd, 
BSc Economics 1963, Obituary
Luis A Chico-Pardo, MSc Economics 1965
Oliver F Clarke,
BSc Economics 1966
Shirley A Cliff,
BA Geography 1960
Peter Coldrick, BSc International Relations 1965
Roger O Davies, BSc International Relations1967
Roger E Dew, BSc 1960
John A Goodall, BA Geography 1963
Shoaib Hashmi,
MSc Economics 1968, MPhil Economics 1969, Obituary
Nigel S Hills,
BSc International Relations 1966
Clive Jolliffe,
MScEC Accounting and Finance 1969
A Kahnert, General Course 1967
F Manji,
BSc 1962
Professor Benjamin O Nwabueze, LLB Law 1959, LLM Law 1962, Obituary
Peter S Raddon,
BSc Economics 1960
Radford N Rigsby, 
MSc Economics 1968
June R Road (previously Newfield),
BA Sociology 1963
Edward R Pressman, General Course 1966, Obituary
Roger H Slade, BSc Geography 1967, Obituary
Choedchu Sophonpanich,
BSc Economics 1968
Dr Philip G Tasch,
BSc Economics 1963
Pauline M J Van Schie, DSA Social Policy and Admin, 1969
Michael E Whitehead, BSc Economics 1969


Professor John R Bale, MPhil Geography 1971
Dr Carole A Cotter,
BSc Social Psychology, 1979
Graham C F Driver, DIP 1972
Bo O Lindroth, BSc Economics, PhD International History 1991
Paul T Meagher, BSc Economics 1977
John A Norton,
DPM 1975, Industrial Relations 1975
Dr Ingeborg Paulus, 
PhD Sociology 1971, Obituary
Professor Brian R Rutherford, LLM Law School 1975
Richard E Todd, BSC Economics 1973


Dr Coline E Covington, PhD Sociology 1980, Obituary
Frank M D Geoge, General Course Economics 1987
W Dennis Grubb, OCC Economics 1986
Dr Patrick C Hughes, MSc Economics 1982, PhD Sociology 1983
Heather Rogers KC, LLB Law School 1980, Obituary


Thomas L Johnson, LLM Law 1992
Hazel Johnston, MSc Social Anthropology 1992, Obituary


 David R Blood, MA International History 2001


Kimberly A Liu, MSc Sociology 2012, Obituary
Faye Mooney,
MSc Social Policy & Admin 2015, Obituary
Alexander Stampfer,
BSc Economics 2012


 Ludovic C Stirling, MSc Management 2022


Ian Black, Visiting Senior Fellow, Middle East Centre, Obituary
Professor Christopher Coker, Obituary 
Nina Keleher