David- Milne IV

 RFEE 1962

David Milne 4 3

David Milne IV passed away in West Palm Beach Florida on the 17 February 2022. David came to LSE after graduating from the University Virginia Law school. David worked with the Inland Revenue and at one point looked into buying Wilkinson Swords razorblades. David was very successful as a President for the Oil and Gas company: Holmes Oil. He was also a valued board member on many charities. 

David had a strong moral courage and admired England for this quality despite our family Scottish origins - he also liked to dress in an English style. 

He is survived by sons David V and Caleb, daughters in law Gail and Julie, grandchildren CPT Gordon Milne USAF  and David Milne VI; David Dudley Milne II and Constance Green Milne.