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Obituaries 2021

We are sad to report the passing of LSE alumni and staff in 2021. Alumni are listed in alphabetical order in the decade they received their first degree at LSE. Where available, we have included a link to online obituaries. 

1949 and earlier

Wilfred Hockfield, BCOM Economics 1948
Dick Leonard, Obituary
Ronald G Smedley, BSc 1949, Obituary
Josef Smilg, LLB Law 1948
Anthony J W Taylor, CSS Psychology 1949, Obituary


Joanna T Abbot, CSSA Social Policy & Admin 1957
Bashir C Ahmad, BSc 1954, OCC 1955
Raymond Burgess JP, BSc Social Policy & Admin 1956, Obituary
Clifford J Elliott​, 1959
Kathleen Francis, DIP Industrial Relations 1953
Beryl Grant, LLB Law 1955
George Grosz, BSc Accounting & Finance 1957, Obituary
Lord Frank Judd of Portsea, BSc Sociology 1956, Obituary
Dr Peter J Kendell, BSc Stats & Mathematics 1957
Peter Kraft, BSc Government 1958
Professor Ailsa H Land, BSc Economics 1950, PhD 1956
Geoffrey A Leach, BSc Geography 1951
Kenneth MacKinnon, BSc Economics 1954, Obituary
Dr John E Martin, BSc Geographer 1952, PhD Geography 1961
Barbara M Massam, BSc Sociology 1955
Ian N McBain, BSc Geography 1958
Prof Robert A Mundell, RFEE 1956, Obituary
Prof Robert A Pinker, CSSA Social Policy & Admin 1959, Obituary
Rosemary Polack, LLB Law 1954, Obituary
Michael J Sharman, BSc Economics 1955
Lord Trevor Smith of Clifton, BSc Government 1958, Obituary
Ernest Todd, BSc 1955, CPA 1956, Obituary
Robert J Williams, BSc Government 1954
Kenneth C Pearmain, BSc Economics 1959


Professor George Benneh, PhD Geography 1964, Obituary
Raymond B Carpenter, BSc Economics 1961, Obituary
Edward C Harriman, MSc International Relations 1966, PhD Sociology 1973, Obituary
Jon Hillestad, BSc Economics 1964
Graham P Murray, BSc International relations 1964, PhD International Relations 1968, Obituary
Joseph N Nwodo, LLB Law 1967, LLM Law 1968, Obituary
Onyeabo C Obi, LLB Law 1962, Obituary
Christopher Palmer, DPM 1964
Dr M Perrins, MSc Government 1969, PhD Government 1970
Anita S Regal, DPM Industrial Relations 1965
Professor Saw Swee Hock, PhD Statistics & Maths 1964, Obituary
Judith L Smith, CMH Social Psychology 1966
Lord Peter Smith of Leigh, BSc Economics 1967, Obituary
Steven H Spurrier, BSc Economics 1963, Obituary
Hon Ian G Waddell, LLM Law 1969, Obituary
Paul B Wailen, BSc Economics 1969


Andrew S Evans, BSc Accounting & Finance 1978
Sue Hayes, CTUS 1974, Obituary
Andrew J Francis, MSc Geography 1970, PhD Geography 1973, MPhil Regional Planning 1988
Normal Levy, 1971, PhD 1979, Obituary
Dr Nabi Misdaq, MSc Anthropology 1975, Obituary
Robert E Satchwell, BSc Geography 1970, Obituary
Nicholas Stevens, BSc Economics 1979
Michele K M White, LLB Law 1977


Peter Gow, (PhD Anthropology 1988), Obituary
Renzo G Rossini, Minan​, (MPhil Economics 1987, MSc Economics 1986), Obituary
Nancy C Troxler, BSc International Relations 1986, MPhil International Relations 1988
Eamonn Walsh, MSc Accounting & Finance 1983, Obituary


David M Hand, BSc Geography 1992
Jane Hatfield, MScEC Social Policy & Admin 1996, Obituary
Sikiru T Fahm, LLM Law 1997, Obituary


Mohammed I Degia​, BSc International Relations 2000


Tejaswy Ghanta, MSc Psychology of Economic Life 2019, Obituary
Keith Z Kwek, MSc Philosophy of the Social Sciences 2018




Professor Sir John R Hills CBA, Professor of Social Policy


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