Kenneth Harry

BSc Economics 1955

After his degree at LSE and National Service, Ken's first job was as an accountant at Ford's in Dagenham. A few years later he announced that his real desire was to teach and he was fortunate in getting a job in the Business Department at the Polytechnic, later University, of Kingston. He was fortunate in being offered a place on a training course for business teachers run by the Harvard Business school, in Lausanne, Switzerland. That was followed up by further training at the Business school itself in Boston. A year later he was offered a one year appointment at the new Business school being started by Harvard in Tehran with the support of the Shah. Kingston generously allowed him a one year leave of absence and he and his family enjoyed an amazing experience of a different culture.

Back at Kingston full time Ken became involved in developing short courses for executives and business leaders . One of the most successful was developed with a professor from the University of Washington in Seattle, and ran for numerous years. As a result Ken was also able to teach a few of the summer sessions at the University in Seattle which ran a four term year.
Later in his career he was instrumental in developing business courses for Russians, among the first of their kind in this country, held both at Kingston and in Russia at St Petersburg, Moscow and also Vladivostok.
After a slight stroke on his 60th birthday he decided to retire, and moved to Chichester harbour where he was able to enjoy sailing, walking, and travelling for many years.