Centre Staff, Researchers & Visiting Fellows

Please note that in the interest of public health the FLCA office in the Pethick Lawrence building is currently closed but the office remains virtually open. Staff can be contacted using the details below.

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Alcinda Honwana | Strategic Director



Ikenna Acholonu Africa Engagement Programme Manager


Melissa Anderson | Research Grants Officer



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Kojo Apeagyei | Communications and Events Officer



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Stephen Johnson | PfAL Programme Manager



Laurence Radford | Communications Manager and Editor of Africa at LSE blog

Centennial Professors

LeonardWantchekon (1)

Professor Leonard Wantchekon | Centennial Professor

Professor Leonard Wantchekon is a Centennial Professor at LSE for 2018/2019 academic year. He is a Professor of Politics and International Affairs and associated faculty in the Economics department at Princeton University.


Professor Karin Barber | Centennial Professor

Karin Barber is a Centennial Professor in Anthropology. Her research focuses on Yoruba oral literature, popular theatre and print culture, with wider comparative work on popular culture and the anthropology of texts.

Senior Visiting Fellows

Grace Akello-200x200

Dr Grace Akello | FLCA Visiting Professor 

Dr Grace Akello is a Ruth Glass Memorial Fellow in the Department of International Development and FLCA Visiting Professor. Since 2012, Grace has also been a Research Fellow at the African Studies Centre in Leiden University. 

LSE Visiting Fellow, Michael Amoah

Dr Michael Amoah |  Senior Visiting Fellow

Dr Michael Amoah specialises in African Politics, International Politics of Africa, Foreign Policy, Conflict and Security. He also has interests in International Political Economy, Development Studies and International Development. 


Dr Fatima el Issawi | Senior Visiting Fellow

Dr Fatima el Issawi is a Senior Lecturer in Journalism at the University of Essex, focussing on the intersection between media, politics and conflict in North Africa. She is the PI for Arab Media and Transitions to Democracy.

A profile picture of LSE researcher Anna MacDonald

Dr Anna Macdonald | Senior Visiting Fellow

Dr Anna Macdonald works at the Centre for Public Authority and International Development and the Conflict Research Programme, where she researches ideas of public authority and legal pluralism in the Horn of Africa.


Dr Shirley Yu | Senior Visiting Fellow

Shirley Yu is an Asia fellow with the Ash Center of Harvard Kennedy School. She has a PhD. in political economy from China’s Peking University, and a Master’s degree in Government from Harvard University.

Visiting and Research Fellows


Juliet Bedford | FLCA Visiting Fellow

Juliet is a leader in the application of anthropology in global health and has extensive experience managing complex qualitative and mixed-methods research and evaluations. Juliet founded the organisation Anthrologica in 2008.

Lars Hedegaard 200x200

Dr Lars Hedegaard Williams | CPAID Visiting Fellow

Lars Williams is a Visiting Fellow at the FCLA and a former PhD student in the School of Culture and Society at Aarhus University, Denmark. He has published on the experience of trauma in the aftermath of war in northern Uganda.

Headshot of Gianluca Iazzolino

Gianluca Iazzolino | CPAID Research Fellow 

Gianluca Iazzolino is a post-doctoral research fellow at the FLCA. His main research interests are ICTs, digital finance and informal economy with a focus on the relationship between technological innovation and power dynamics.

Uche Igwe

Dr Uche Igwe | FLCA Visiting Fellow

Dr Uche Igwe is a political economy analyst, legislative scholar and communications expert with twenty years of practical experience working with the parliament, government agencies, local and international non-governmental organisations, the media, research think tanks and private sector.


Dr Vanessa Iwowo | FLCA Visiting Fellow

Vanessa Iwowo is Lecturer in Organisational Psychology. She is an award-winning management scholar whose research focuses on ways of enhancing leadership development in international contexts.


Theresa Jones | FLCA Visiting Fellow

Dr Theresa Jones is a mental health specialist, currently leading the mental health and psychosocial support unit at Anthrologica, where she works across emergency response and humanitarian preparedness.

Ahmed M Musa

Dr Ahmed Musa | CPAID Fellow

Ahmed is a postdoctoral researcher at the Diaspora Humanitarian in Complex Crises research project run by the Danish Institute for International Studies, University of Nairobi’s Institute of Development Studies, Rako Research and Communication Centre and the Rift Valley Institute. 


Elizabeth Ngutuku | CPAID Visiting Fellow

Elizabeth Ngutuku is a Kenyan scholar, holding a PhD (Cum laude) in Development Studies from the International Institute of Social
Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her work investigates young people’s lived experience within the context of poverty, vulnerability, conflict, activism, citizenship claims, and sexual & reproductive health.


Bathsheba Okwenje | FLCA Visiting Fellow

Bathsheba Okwenje is a Ugandan artist currently living in Rwanda. Her work is based at the intersection of information practices and aesthetics, investigating hidden histories, the interior lives of people and the interactions between them.


Dr Georgina Pearson | CPAID Research Fellow

Georgina is a research fellow on the LEAD Project and is a Clinical Lecturer in Public Health in the Population Health Research Institute at St George’s, Uni. of London. She holds a PhD from LSE's Department of International Development.


Maria del Pilar Lopez-Uribe | FLCA Visiting Fellow

Maria works at the intersection of Development Economics, Economic History and Political Economy, interested land, conflict, gender and social movements. She is Assistant Professor in at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá.

Moritz Schubert1

Moritz Schuberth | CPAID Research Fellow

Moritz Schuberth is a security and development expert with extensive experience managing projects and conducting research in fragile and conflict-affected settings. He works at UNODC as Associate Expert in Evaluation.

Profile photo of Rebecca Tapscott

Dr Rebecca Tapscott | FLCA Research Fellow

Dr Rebecca Tapscott is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, focusing on the relationship between violence and governance in illiberal democratic regimes.

Dr Keren Weitzberg

Dr Keren Weitzberg | FLCA Visiting Fellow

Keren Weitzberg is an interdisciplinary historian who works at the intersection of migration studies, critical race studies, and science and technology studies. Her current project investigates biometric registration in Kenya.

PhD Candidates and Student Fellows


Kara Blackmore | PhD Researcher

Kara Blackmore is an anthropologist, curator and writer working at the intersection of arts, culture and social repair after conflict. For more than a decade she worked with NGOs, governments, corporate entities, cultural institutions and local communities across East and Southern Africa.


Cristin Alexis Fergus | PhD Researcher

Cristin Alexis Fergus is Lead Investigator for the LEAD Project and PhD researcher in the LSE Department of International Development, where she examines aspects of evidence for decision-making within global health. 

Carolin Dieterle headshot

Carolin Dieterle | PhD Researcher

Carolin Dieterle is a PhD Candidate at the LSE Department for International Development. She studies large-scale land investments in sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on Uganda and Sierra Leone and the concept of ‘inclusive growth’.


Liz Storer | PhD Researcher

Liz Storer (@lizziestorer) is a PhD student in LSE's Department of International Development. Working with Lugbara speaking communities, her research focusses on how individuals and groups in the region define wrongdoing, injustice and forms of public authority in dispute resolution.

CPAID Researchers

For the full list of researchers at the Centre for Public Authority and International Development please follow the link here.