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Special Reports

CARR has been involved in several significant projects - the reports from which are available below.

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Blog post on LSE EUROPP blog: Julien Etienne (CARR member) and Tommaso Palermo (LSE Fellow) write about the L’Aquila earthquake trial, November 2012

Risk and Public Services (PDF) by Christopher Hood and Peter Miller, May 2009.

Risk Regulation and Compliance: Food Safety in the UK (PDF) by Bridget Hutter and Tola Amodu, March 2009.
The Pennington Inquiry report on the Welsh E.coli outbreak which took the life of one five year old and made around 150 others illcommissioned Professor Hutter and Dr Tola Amodu (former CARR graduate) to prepare a report on Risk Regulation and Compliance: Food Safety in the UK. This report is now available on the Welsh government website and it draws on Professor Hutter's earlier research on food safety and hygiene.

Memo to Public Administration Committee on Civil Service Policy-Making Competency(PDF) by Christopher Hood and Martin Lodge, March 2005.

Civil Service Policy-Making Competencies in the German BMWi and British DTI (PDF)
A study conducted for the Industry Forum in Association with the Smith Institute by Christopher Hood, Martin Lodge and Christopher Clifford, March 2002.  An executive summary is also available.

NAO Report. Supporting Innovation: managing risk in government departments
Annex 2: 'Business Risk Management in Government: Pitfalls and Possibilities' - a paper by Christopher Hood and Henry Rothstein, August 2000.