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Conference Publications

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Conference publications

CARR produced the following publications for its 10-year anniversary conference 'Working Across Boundaries: Analyzing Risk and Regulation'.

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CARR Research: a collection of selected projects

PDF version

'CARR Research: a collection of selected projects' gives a taste of a selection of CARR projects undertaken by former staff, current staff and also research associates funded by CARR over the past decade. The projects are organized around three broad areas of CARR work:

  • Risk Regulation from a state and governance perspective;
  • Business, Regulation and Risk Management which focuses on how businesses manage risks and respond to regulation;
  • Science, Technology and Risk which considers the role of experts and scientific knowledge and their status in national and transnational regulation, especially of technology.

CARR Discussion Papers: 2000-2010

PDF version

'CARR Discussion Papers: 2000-2010' is a collection of abstracts from every discussion paper that CARR has published over the last decade. All of CARR's discussion papers are available for download.