Meet The Inclusion Initative Directors


Dr Grace Lordan
Director of The Inclusion Initiative

An economist by background, Grace’s research is focused on understanding why some individuals succeed over others in work because of factors beyond their control. Grace’s research and consultancy draws on the cutting edge methodological techniques of behavioural science and economics to design and analyse interventions that help understand and change employment outcomes, conduct at work, diversity and inclusion within occupations, occupational sorting and worker wellbeing.

Grace is a regular speaker in the financial services sector on these topics. Grace has also led projects advising commissioners in the UK and policy makers in the EU. At LSE Grace is an associate professor in Behavioural Science, trains executives in behavioural science and is the director of the MSc in behavioural science. 



Karina Robinson
Co-Director of The Inclusion Initiative
(Financial and Professional Services Focus)

Karina Robinson is CEO of Robinson Hambro. The firm provides strategic advisory services to Chairs and CEOs of companies with a global outlook, as well as Board Search.

Karina is a champion of the City of London with a deep belief in the power and profitability of Diversity & Inclusion, and a reputation as a benign disruptor. Karina is the Chair of the Lord Mayor’s Appeal Advisory Board; a Trustee of the Lord Mayor’s Appeal and Master of the Worshipful Company of International Bankers (2019/2020).



Operations Manager

Damian Roberts

Room OLD 2.46
+44 (0)20 7955 7345