About The Inclusion Initiative (TII)

The Inclusion Initiative (TII) at LSE launched in November 2020. TII leverages behavioural science insights to advance our understanding of the factors that enhance inclusion at work. TII brings industry, academics and other stakeholders together regularly to exchange ideas, highlight new findings and build partnerships.

TII aims to provide cost effective inclusion approaches to firms, with a focus on behavioural interventions. To achieve this, we will bring data science and behavioural science together. For TII, the business of inclusion involves ensuring that all voices within firms are heard, and also that efforts are made to include voices that are notably missing from particular functions.

TII’s current structure consists of 3 research hubs, which are named after a particular research theme: Future of Work Hub, Inclusive Leaders and Growth and Governance Hub. We disseminate our work through advisory services, executive education, academic publication, public events social media and traditional press.

TII is entering its fourth year look at what we did the first three:

Three Years of Impact at The Inclusion Initiative

The Inclusion Initiative The Inclusion Initiative
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