Dr Daniel  Jolles

Dr Daniel Jolles

Research Assistant in Behavioural Science

The Inclusion Initiative

English, French
Key Expertise
Judgement, decision making, behavioural science, hiring, ageing workforce

About me

Daniel is a Research Assistant in Behavioural Science at The Inclusion Initiative (TII). At TII he contributes to research on how diverse teams can work better together.

He is currently completing his PhD in Psychology at University of Essex, where he has focused on applying Behavioural Science to questions of age-diversity and inclusion in the workplace. His specific research interests include decision-making in the hiring of older workers and older worker attitudes towards work and retirement. Daniel's research is aimed at increasing the participation, wellbeing and fulfilment of older workers by helping organisations to create diverse, multigenerational and inclusive workforces.

Daniel holds an MSc and MSD in Psychology and has worked as a Behavioural Scientist in the private sector. Prior to studying psychology, Daniel spent more than 10 years working as a project management consultant, delivering business change projects for large organisations in Australia, the UK and France.

Expertise Details

Judgement and decision making; behavioural science; hiring; diversity; ageing workforce