Odessa Hamilton

Odessa Hamilton

Visiting Research Fellow

The Inclusion Initiative

Key Expertise
Behavioural Science; Epidemiological Statistics; Psychobiology

About me

Odessa S. Hamilton is a Visiting Research Fellow in Behavioural Science within The Inclusive Initiative (TII) at the LSE, and has guest lectured on the LSE Executive MBA programme within the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science. At TII she contributes to the Inclusive Leaders Hub. Odessa leverages behavioural science insights and engages in advanced statistical analyses to advance the understanding of factors that impede inclusion in occupational environments. TII has an exciting agenda to integrate the research developed by its members to advance inclusive strategies that increase diversity in traditionally homogenous industries. Thus, with the ultimate aim of informing practice, Odessa and her team together seek to develop economically viable interventions with the use of nuanced proxy measures of inclusion.

Odessa is a Doctoral Researcher in Biobehavioural Epidemiology and Precision Medicine at UCL, where she teaches postgraduate Biostatistics by appointment. Her research centers on the interplay between psychosocial and applied sciences in the aetiology of disease. She explores latent mechanisms underlaying these complex processes to identify potentially mitigating behavioural factors. This research closely aligns with Odessa’s work in TII, as it feeds into disease pathogenesis following poor organisational practices, and highlights the need for healthier, more progressive occupational environments.

With experience that traverses Corporate and Government, Odessa also holds multiple awards for innovation, and has transnational achievements in entrepreneurship. One of her most notable professional successes was in her transformation of a zero-funded business into a six-figure venture in New York; rated among the top 3% nationwide.

Odessa is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health, she is trained as a Crisis Specialist, licensed in Psychometrics and has MBPsS status at the BPS. She gained a MSc in Psychological Sciences with Distinction and secured a First-Class Degree with honours in Organisational Psychology, graduating among the top 5%. During this period, she also secured a transient opportunity at the University of Oxford, exploring potential lithium-mimetics for psychopathologies. Odessa was granted a full scholarship awarded by the ESRC and the BBSRC. She is also an expert contributor to major global publishing enterprises, and her work has been featured in top publications.

Expertise Details

Behavioural Science; Epidemiological Statistics; Psychobiology; Psychometrics