Conflict and Identity in Europe since the 18th Century

International History Research Cluster

 The cluster "Conflict and Identity" has been set up to provide a place to discuss historical concepts and events that shaped the identity of European countries since the late early modern age. We are interested in questions pertaining to war and peace, nationalism and national identity formation, but also in issues related to transnationalism and internationalism, global entanglements and regional specificities. The focus is on both states and non-state/supra-state actors, as well as on matters of governance and political theory and practice from the level of policy makers to that of wider societies. Even though the starting point of analysis is Europe, broadly defined, the analytical net is cast widely to include Europe’s functioning in a global context in order to include questions related to colonialism and empire.

The cluster organises various activities that bring together academic staff and students who do research on political, social, intellectual and cultural history of European countries, as well as on transnational relations in Europe. These activities include seminars, workshops, reading groups, and are organized both separately and in cooperation with other LSE research clusters, institutes and departments.

Spokesperson: Dr Artemis Photiadou

Keywords: Enlightenment, World War I, World War II, European integration, genocide, wartime violence, human rights, post-Cold War system, nationalism, communism, post-communism, peace movements in Europe  

Faculty Members


Dr Dina Gusejnova
Assistant Professor

Research interests:
Modern European History; Intellectual and Cultural History; History and Social Theory


Dr Tim Hochstrasser
Associate Professor

Research interests:
Early Modern History; the Enlightenment; Intellectual History


Dr Paul Keenan
Assistant Professor

Research interests:
Cultural History of 18th-Century Russia

Professor Piers Ludlow

Professor N. Piers Ludlow
Professor of International History

Research interests:
Western Europe since 1945; European Integration; Cold War Transatlantic Relations; Britain in the EC/EU


Dr David Motadel
Associate Professor

Research interests:
Modern Europe; Europe’s Relations with the Wider World


Dr Artemis Photiadou
Assistant Professor

Research interests:
Britain and Europe; European Political Regimes; Intelligence History


Professor Paul Preston
Professor of International History

Research interests:
Spanish History


Dr Svetozar Rajak
Associate Professor

Research interests:
Cold War; Eastern Europe; Balkans


Dr Paul Stock
Associate Professor

Research interests:
Intellectual and Cultural History; Long Eighteenth Century; Britain; Idea of Europe; Spatial History; History of Cartography; Travel and Tourism

PhD Students







Selected publications

Research grants

Dr David Motadel, 2018-19: Philip Leverhulme Prize Winner

Professor Anita Prazmowska, 2016-18: Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship

Professor Prazmowska was awarded a two-year Major Research Fellowship from the Leverhulme Trust, 2016-18. The topic of her research was "The Cold War Jigsaw: Poland's role in the Angolan Civil War, 1976-1986".