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Dana Andreicut (2010–2011)

29 September 2011|

Being an LSE student was both an exciting and challenging experience. The programme enabled me to improve my econometrics skills, to get to grips with difficult concepts in economics and to explore new branches of ethics and philosophy of economics. I appreciated the friendly atmosphere in the philosophy department and the support of the lecturers.

Most of all, the programme […]

Stephan Guettinger (2009–2010)

29 September 2010|

I did the MSc in Philosophy of Science at LSE because I wanted to change my field of work: coming from the life sciences, I wanted to leave the bench and do research on the more general questions addressed in philosophy of (life) science. The MSc at LSE offered me exactly what I was looking for: an […]

Marina Baldissera Pacchetti (2009–2010)

29 September 2010|

My choice to embark on the MSc program in History and Philosophy of Science at LSE came from a strong tendency toward investigating my field of interest at a deeper and more thorough level; before starting the MSc, in fact, I had graduated in Mathematics and Physics at UCL. I chose the LSE because it offered what I was […]

Tanya Wragg-Morris (2009–2010)

29 September 2010|

Since finishing my program I’ve been working with the Young foundation on a research internship, temporarily with the LSE Public Policy group this past fall as a research assistant and now as a research intern with the UNDP. I’m stationed in Brasilia Brazil and have just finished working with the UNDP’s International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth. […]

Daniel Wang (2009–2010)

29 September 2010|

Studying Philosophy at the LSE was as intellectual challenge. I was constantly challenged to underpin opinions with sound arguments, to analyze critically the arguments in a debate, to develop original thoughts and to cross the boundaries among disciplines. The results came fast. My MSc dissertation on Health Care Rationing in Brazil was accepted for publication in the […]

Monica Queiroz Ferreira de Magalhaes (2009–2010)

29 September 2010|

The courses broadened my knowledge of philosophy, particularly of the questions in moral and political philosophy that underlie current public policy debates. The programme mainly concentrates on these underlying philosophical questions rather than on particular policies, which makes its contents much more applicable across different countries and over time than would otherwise be the case. Moreover, at […]

Katya Pirozhkova (2009–2010)

29 September 2010|

The MSc Economics and Philosophy programme provided me with an excellent training in Economics courses. I was planning to do a PhD in Economics after the MSc, so developing skills in the research methods for Economics was essential for me. At the same I was looking for an opportunity to look beyond pure techniques and to study […]

Andreas Pähler (2009–2010)

29 September 2010|

Andreas Pähler works now as a Quant Engineer at swissQuant Group, Zürich, Switzerland. He says this about the degree:

The Economics and Philosophy programme is a great choice if you are interested in economics (and know a bit about it) and if you are also interested in looking at and understanding economics (as a scientific activity […]

Jurgis Karpus (2009–2010)

29 September 2010|

Prior to applying for a place in the Economics and Philosophy programme at the LSE a few questions kept on ringing in my head. One was whether taking up an interdisciplinary course was better than focusing on one subject. The other was whether the course would help my future career – be it in further academic research […]

Susanne Burri (2009–2010)

29 September 2010|

My MSc year at the LSE was incredibly intense; it was both demanding and — at least with the benefit of hindsight — lots of fun. I worked hard, and it wasn’t always easy to satisfyingly divide my time between the economics and the philosophy part of my degree. I’d nevertheless recommend this degree to anyone who […]