Since finishing my program I’ve been working with the Young foundation on a research internship, temporarily with the LSE Public Policy group this past fall as a research assistant and now as a research intern with the UNDP. I’m stationed in Brasilia Brazil and have just finished working with the UNDP’s International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth. I was one of about 4 interns working with the team on rural and sustainable development.

I’ve been working on 3 main projects: 1. Institutional frameworks for the Rio +20 conference which will be a side event at the conference on the 19th , 2. A short paper on Social Technologies and Social Technology transfer, and 3. My own research on something of interest, to begin a working paper or more likely due to time, a policy brief on the lack of social inclusion and impacts on indigenous populations with the building of large dams.

I’m so thrilled to be here and it wouldn’t have been possible without the year I spent at LSE and the help I received along the way!