I did the MSc in Philosophy of Science at LSE because I wanted to change my field of work: coming from the life sciences, I wanted to leave the bench and do research on the more general questions addressed in philosophy of (life) science. The MSc at LSE offered me exactly what I was looking for: an intensive one-year course that would give me a strong background in philosophy of science and that would thereby allow me to enter my own research in philosophy of life sciences.

One of the biggest advantages of this MSc, I think, is the great range of courses that students can select from; this allows you to shape your studies according to your own interests. Another great aspect of this MSc is the support and the guidance offered by the faculty staff, who are all experts in their fields. Especially the comments on essays and the input on the dissertation taught me a great deal about thinking and writing in philosophy. It is an intensive year at LSE, but also a rewarding one. You not only learn to be efficient in reading and taking up new information, but you also train your skills in writing and independent thinking. In the end, the MSc in Philosophy of Science and my background in the life sciences allowed me to obtain a fellowship for a project dealing with the conceptual foundations of synthetic biology, which I am now pursuing at the BIOS centre at LSE.