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Jawad Iqbal

LSE IGA Visiting Senior Fellow Jawad Iqbal in the FT on the need to rethink the way we tackle the growing challenges of prison radicalisation.

Anne Applebaum

LSE IGA Professor in Practice Anne Applebaum on CNN on Donald Trump’s speech in Warsaw and his emphasis of the importance of protecting western values from oppression.


LSE IGA Director Erik Berglof's recent piece in the Project Syndicate  examines how emerging markets can be saved from Trumpian populism.


Ahead of the G20 Leaders' Summit in Hamburg this weekend, LSE IGA is pleased to announce that its Director, Professor Erik Berglof, has been invited to serve on the Secretariat of the newly formed G20 "Group of Eminent Persons"- of which Professor Nicholas Stern, Chair of the Grantham Research Institute, is a member.

The Group's mission is to take forward the G20's work on the global financial architecture with special attention to financial stability and capital flows and the structure of multilateral development institutions (including the IMF), and to prepare realistic proposals for materially enhancing the global architecture and the leadership of the G20.  

LSE IGA is proud to support the G20's desire to engage directly with excellent academia both in advanced and major emerging economies, in line with IGA's and its new Global Policy Lab (G-POL) 's vision to enhance the research capacity and global policy voice of emerging economies.  A video will be available soon.


LSE IGA, along with its constituent centre  LACC, the  Institute for New Economic thinking (INET) and  Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE) organised a major Thought Leaders Event on  Fractures in Globalisation & Implications for Emerging Economies  on June 19 in Mexico City during the 18th World Congress of the International Economic Association (IEA).

World renowned speakers included Nobel Laureate  Joseph Stiglitz, LSE's  Tim Besley Erik Berglof and  Mario Blejer Andres Velasco of Columbia University,  Kaushik Basu  of Cornell University,  Anne Krueger of John Hopkins SAIS,  Rob Johnson of INET, and  Chong-En Bai of Tsinghua University, along with policy makers  Guillermo Ortiz Alicia Barcena Monica Aspe Enrique Cardenas,  Eva Arceo and  Jorge Suarez Velez  

The event covered three main topics: rethinking the global financial system; populism from left and right; and sustainable growth to avoid the "middle income trap". The final session hosted the launch of  INET's Global Transformation Commission. For the event's official webpage click  here. 

Full programme, and for video summaries of the panels here:  Panel 1 Panel 2 Panel 3 and the  INET Global Transformation Commission  

The event received large media coverage;  you can find the media report.

Mario Blejer 2.

Mario Blejer, Visiting Professor at LSE IGA, contributed to the Spring volume of the International Economy, along with 40 renowned experts, on the topic Has the World Been Fitted with a Debt Straightjacket? Read the publication here.


LSE IGA's collaboration with MigrationMatters and their first ever course: 'Six Impossible Ideas (After Brexit)' has won the Special Multimedia Award at last week's Migration Media Award 2017 ceremony in Malta. 

The EU-funded award scheme recognises the excellence, relevance and newsworthiness of up to 36 journalism pieces dealing with migration in the Euro-Mediterranean region in all its aspects. MigrationMatters next production funded by the award will be a short new course that will combine new videos and the strongest ones from the 60 episodes produced so far and will address the “burning questions” related to migration and relevant to the news agenda today: migrant integration, social cohesion, preconceptions around irregular migration and migration in general.

German Flag

LSE IGA met with a delegation of members of the Budgetary Committee of Germany’s Parliament (Bundestag) for the second time on June 12, to discuss Brexit related issues following the recent UK election. The LSE team included Director Professor Erik BerglofSimon HixJawad IqbalDaniel Sturm and Torsten Thiele. The delegation was led by Alexander Radwan, who is now a member of the Bundestag and has been a member of the European Parliament for many years.


Partnership for Regional Ocean Governance (PROG) released  Partnering for a Sustainable Ocean: The Role of Regional Ocean Governance in Implementing Sustainable Development Goal 14  at the first  UN ocean conference in New York June 5-9. LSE IGA Visiting Fellow  Torsten Thiele, Lead on our blue finance initiative, contributed to this major new report which assesses the mandates of different regional cooperation frameworks, showcases existing regional efforts, and identifies key contributions that regional institutions and initiatives can make to the implementation of the ocean SDG14 and the overarching challenges of the 2030 Agenda. The full report and a summary for decision makers can be downloaded here:

Partnering for a Sustainable Ocean – Report
Partnering for a Sustainable Ocean – Summary


LSE IGA hosted a joint event on May 23 in London with the International Transport Forum at the  OECD, which, in collaboration with the UK National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), recently published a report on Strategic Infrastructure Planning: International Best Practice. There were presentations by the OECD, Oxford University, LSE, EBRD and Meridiam. The report was introduced by Philip Graham, the CEO of the NIC. The report can be found here.


LSE IGA hosted renowned political economist Tarek Osman on May 22 to present his new book Islamism, the political form of Islam: what it means and why we may witness a pluralisation of Islam in the Middle East as millineals are exposed to social media and new technology.


Dr Marten Blix of the Research Institute of Industrial Economics delivered a lecture to the LSE Migration Working Group on migration and digitalisation, and its implications for fiscal policy and challenges to the welfare state, drawing on his recent book Digitalization, Immigration and the Welfare State. A summary by Dr Blix will be available shortly.


LSE IGA marked the launch of its Global Policy Lab (G-POL)  on May 16 with a economics star-studded event, featuring Professor Raghuram RajanLord Adair TurnerLord Nicholas SternProfessor Philippe Aghion,  Professor Sergei GurievAssistant Professor Keyu JinVisiting Professor Mario BlejerMichael Sohlman and Duncan ClarkProfessor Erik Berglof, Director of LSE IGA welcomed and led the event, which showcased two of G-POL’s initiatives: Rethinking Global Finance, and a new growth model – Avoiding the Middle Income Trap, under the newly established Transformation Commission. 

G-POL aims to harness the world’s combined brainpower to generate fresh thinking and research-based policy solutions to urgent global challenges. Global collaboration and international institutions are under threat from both sides: emerging economies has been questioning their underrepresentation in global decision making for quite some time, but some  advanced economies have also started raising  questions about the benefits of globalization and its supporting international system.  G-POL joins up emerging and advanced economies in designing and testing innovative, research-based and locally-rooted solutions to their common challenges, drawing on LSE’s Nobel-prize winning faculty, first rate-students as well as IGA’s extensive international network of high-level policymakers. 

Please click here for more information on LSE IGA’s Global Policy Lab. 

For the full event programme click here and see photos here.

Jawad Iqbal

LSE IGA Visiting Senior Fellow Jawad Iqbal in The Times on how marriage laws are letting down vulnerable Muslim women not only in India, but also here in Britain.

Mario Blejer-May2017

Mario Blejer, Visiting Professor at LSE IGA, chaired a Roundtable event on the Internalisation of the Reminbi, organised by the Bank of China (Hong Kong) in Mexico City on May 10. The following day he delivered the closing speech at a conference on Redefining the Roles of Central Banks, organised by Central Banking, London, and the National Association of Liability Management (NALM) and supported by the Banco de Mexico.


LSE IGA hosted a PowerBreakfast on the Pathology of Presidential Power on May 9, with presentations by David Leblang and Bill Antholis from the University of Virginia’s Miller Center and LSE US Centre’s Professor Peter Trubowitz. The discussion was moderated by Lord Desai. A short summary will be available here soon.


The Italian G7 Sherpa invited the Alliance of Lead Universities on Migration (ALUM) to provide a non-paper with research-informed specific policy recommendations for the G7 Sherpas’ attention ahead of the G7 Taormina Summit on May 26-27 2017. Following the successful first ALUM conference in Siracusa last year, the Siracusa II conference was devoted to this endeavour and focus on the G7’s areas of policy attention:  Investing in countries of origin and transit; Protection of children (countries of transit), hosting and integration unaccompanied minors as well as other vulnerable groups; Valuing the positive contribution of migrants (particularly in view of G 7 demographics), including net fiscal impact and possibly also political dimensions and perceptions. In addition, the workshop assessed the role of business, international institutions and the record so far of the new regional and bilateral “package deals”. Mr. Francesco Aureli of Italy’s G7 Sherpa Unit delivered the keynote speech. Preliminary findings can be found here.

North Korea poster
The Institute of Global Affairs (IGA) supported a student-led all-day conference titled "North Korea: Beyond the Headlines" on March 18. The event brought together leading scholars, politicians, journalists and NGOs from around the world and students from across the United Kingdom. For a summary of the themes click here. An e-book with the conference proceedings will be published by August 2017.

LSE IGA hosted a delegation of members of the Budgetary Committee of Germany’s  Parliament (Bundestag) on May 2, to discuss Brexit and outlook for the UK economy. The team included Director Professor Erik BerglofPiroska Nagy MohacsiSimon HixJawad IqbalIain Begg and Daniel Sturm. A key point was Germany’s overriding interest to avoid the breakup of the EU.

Anne Applebaum
IGA Professor in Practice  Anne Applebaum speaks to BBC World at the Intelligence Squared Debate about how Donald Trump has not kept any of the legislative promises that he made for his first 100 days. Watch the video  here.
Erik Berglof
IGA Director Erik Berglof  in the Washington Post on how important the US has been for international institutions like the IMF and the World Bank and how that same influence may now be used by the Trump administration to undermine them.
IGA Visiting Fellow Torsten Thiele participated in the Third Preparatory Committee for a new UN marine biodiversity agreement. He also spoke on the topic of innovative finance at a workshop on marine genetic resources. 

Dr Jeromin Zettelmeyer senior research fellow of the Peterson Institute and senior visiting fellow at IGA, presented his new paper on the sustainability of Greece’s debt.

For the paper see here.

Oksana Antonenko

IGA Visiting Senior Fellow Oksana Antonenko  commented on the attack on St Petersburg underground on BBC newsnight.

IGA-China Group

The Institute of Global Affairs (IGA) hosted a group of prominent business leaders from China on March 27th. Professor Erik Berglöf (Director, LSE IGA) led the discussion that included Sir Vince Cable, IGA Professor in Practice, Piroska Nagy Mohácsi, IGA Programme Director, as well as Dr Yu Jie from LSE IDEAS. The main subject was the impact of Brexit, including potential opportunities for China.

Peter Pomerantsev

“Is Donald Trump a postmodern president?” In this opinion piece as part of Newsnight, journalist, writer and IGA Visiting Senior Fellow Peter Pomerantsev argues that President Trump and President Putin share a disdain for facts - and that this is part of their appeal.

Anne Applebaum

IGA Professor in Practice Anne Applebaum talks to the Washington Post about the real story in the Netherlands being the implosion of the centre-left. Read the full article here.

Tommaso Nannicini

LSE IGA's PowerLunch Back to the Drawing Board for Europe's Future hosted on March 21 Professor Tommaso Nannicini of Bocconi University and former State Secretary in Italian PM Renzi's government, with comments by Professor Luis Garicano of the Department of Economics and Marco Buti, Director General at the European Commission. Innovative proposals are emerging to deepen European level legitimacy, risk sharing and alternative scenarios for the joint future.

Erik Berglof

Erik Berglof gave an interview to the China Daily on the increasing role of China in the global financial system. For the interview, click here.


IGA Visiting Fellow Torsten Thiele this week spoke at the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) conference in Bremen on the topic of integrating science, technology and finance for sustainable Ocean Governance.

He also participated in Brussels the first session dedicated to Seas, Ocean and poles of the SCIENCE/BUSINESS network, Europe's Leading Innovation Community. Torsten also participated in the Belgium government workshop capacity development for small island development states. See photo here

IGA Fellow Torsten Thiele spoke at the Economist World Ocean Summit on the topic of Emerging investment and risk frameworks for the ocean. The IGA Blue Finance initiative aims to provide an approach to address these challenges. Torsten also acted as a judge of the Ocean Innovation Challenge competition, which was won by the Seychelles Blue Bonds project.
Duncan Clark

Duncan Clark, OBE, and Visiting Senior fellow at the IGA speaks to Impact Magazine on why he thinks the IGA is the right place to provide an antidote to the current wave of populism and autarky. See here.

George Papaconstantinou-News
George Papaconstantinou, former Minister of Finance of Greece and Professor Ricardo Reis discussed the fascinating if depressing saga of Greece and the Euro and global financial system around it under LSE IGA's PowerBreakfast series on February 22. 
LSE IGA hosted a high calibre panel on Ukraine’s Maidan Revolution on February 20 as part of the ongoing LSE Literary Festival with Anne Applebaum/LSE, Olena Bilan/CE, Dragon Capital,Mustafa Nayeem/MP, Ukraine, and Vladyslav Rashkovan/former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Ukraine.  You can listen to the podcast here and find a full summary here.
Vince Cable

IGA Professor in Practice Sir Vince Cable in Business Insider on how Brexit is posing a ‘significant risk’ to Britain’s University sector, which he believes should be given a more important role within Brexit negotiations- international academics and students are already starting to hold off taking positions in the UK. Read the full article here.


The LSESU China Development Society and the Institute of Global Affairs hosted the 9th annual China Development Forum on Saturday, 11th February 2017. This sold out all-day student-led conference attracted 30 world-renowned speakers from across the globe to consider and debate, before an audience of 400, the challenges facing China today. Speakers included:Vince CableCindy Fan, Jia KangZou Ming, Lord Adair TurnerGudrun Wacker and Erik Berglof. Full conference programme can be found here.

Anne Applebaum

IGA Visiting Professor in Practice Anne Applebaum in the FT on Europe needing a new defense pact and Britain potentially leading it. Read the full article here.


The Institute of Global Affairs and LSE SU Italian Society were delighted to welcome Italian Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni, to LSE on the 9th February to give a talk on ‘The Future of Europe’. This is the first public speech given by an Italian Prime Minister in the UK since the Brexit vote. The event was chaired by Julia Black, Interim Director of LSE. You can read the full transcript of the speech or watch the podcast here.

Anne Applebaum

IGA Visiting Professor in Practice Anne Applebaum spoke to Channel 4 News on the upcoming launch of an exciting new project with the London School of Economics, which will investigate the spreading of untrue information. Watch the video here.


The Institute of Global Affairs (IGA), along with the LSE SU Italian Society, is delighted to welcome the Prime Minister of Italy, Paolo Gentiloni, to LSE on Thursday 9th February for a talk on ‘The Future of Europe’. This event is free and open to all current LSE students and staff. Click here for further details and tickets.


This week IGA Fellow Torsten Thiele attended the first Science Policy and Stakeholder Engagement meeting for a new EU project on strategies for environmental monitoring of marine carbon capture and storage. Torsten also sits on the Science and Stakeholder Board of the EU project SenseOCEAN.

Erik Berglof AUB Conference

IGA’s Erik Berglof and Piroska Nagy-Mohacsi attended the #AUB4Refugees Forum: “Innovative Responses to the Syrian Refugee Crisis," on January 27, at the American University of Beirut (AUB). The conference  launched AUB's  truly multi-disciplinary university-wide program and highlighted 18 projects currently underway at AUB.  AUB is the first university from the Middle East to have joined the Alliance of Lead Universities (ALUM). Full details here.

Anne Applebaum

IGA Professor in Practice, journalist and prize-winning historian Anne Applebaum  spoke to the Washington Post on the idea of a ‘global’ Britain in the context of Brexit and the newly developing U.K.-U.S. ‘special relationship’. Read the full article here.

Anne Applebaum
IGA Professor in Practice, journalist and prize-winning historian Anne Applebaum spoke to Spiegel on what the rise of Donald Trump means for Europe, what the future holds for NATO and whether democracy can survive the rise of right-wing populism.Read the full article here.
Erik Berglof
IGA Director Professor Erik Berglof spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos to Business Insider  on Prime Minister May's Brexit speech. Read the article here.
Piroska Nagy Mohacsi
Piroska Nagy-Mohacsi, Programme Director of IGA spoke to VOX on the strengths and weaknesses of the European banking sector. Watch the video here.
Jawad Iqbal

IGA Visiting Fellow Jawad Iqbal’s article on quangos (quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations) in the UK that de facto represent a subtle form of elitist corruption has been published in The Times. You can read the full article here.

Erik Berglof

Professor Erik Berglof's article on the struggle of Tunisia's young and fragile democracy and parallels with Ukraine's recent development and the crucial role of the EU in both has been published in Project Syndicate. For details see here.

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