Your Voice

Your Voice is Shaping Developments

Working together to enhance your student experience

Students are central to life in the Department of Social Policy.

Your voice is essential to shaping developments within the Department. Your voice does make a difference and can lead to positive change. 

We collaborate with you, support innovative ideas and work to create change and lead improvements to your experience.

Explore the positive changes that you have helped innovate, create and shape in the areas below, and do continue to feedback to us through your Student Academic Representatives,  and Department staff  so that we can continue to enhance your experience.




Change Makers- Meet the Change Makers who are leading on the enhancement of your education and experience across LSE through independent research. 

Student Academic Mentor Programme (SAM) is a student-to-student mentoring model, designed by students, for students.Read more here.

Peer study Groups- All students (UG and MSc) are grouped into Peer study groups in Welcome week, to provide a support network from the moment you arrive on campus. Peer Groups undertake a ‘Meet the Researcher’ activity at the start of the year, to help you get to know their Academic Mentors and Faculty/the Department, as well as giving you practical experience of working together with your peer group.

Student engagement- Our student engagement officer, Rosie Jones, is working with our alumni community and has established an Alumni mentoring scheme.
Read our student testimonials.

Events- The Department's programme of events is created to bring our students together and have the opportunity to socialise with each other, faculty and alumni.
Find out more what is on offer for Undergraduate students, and Postgraduate students, with many events aimed at the whole student community. Our student led events committees also arrange bespoke events for you throughout the year also.


  • Moodle- 'Community' area on the Programme Moodle page for finding out more about who is on your programme, who your Student Academic Representatives are. 
  • Department page on the Student Hub to share relevant news. 
  • Weekly email bulletins for UG and PG students, and newsletters for PhD students to disseminate news and engage the student community.
  • Social media campaigns to engage with. #LSESocialPolicyCommunity



There are many opportunities for students to get involved in activities in the Department and  Volunteering opportunities available through the LSE Volunteer Centre.

2020/21 opportunities

Academic and Professional Skills Development

There are many opportunities for our students to gain practical skills and knowledge which promote academic and professional success at LSE and beyond.
Read more here

Language Bursary scheme- the Department offers a number of bursaries for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students to take non-degree modern foreign language courses at the Language Centre. Read our student testimonials.

MSc Conference and Research Fund- the Department can help with the cost of research-related activities. Read more here. Read our student testimonials.


Course choice- course brochures are available for undergraduate students and postgraduate students so students can consider the course options available to them.




The Academic Mentoring Programme for our Undergraduate students and Postgraduate students communicates the ways in which they can get the most support from their Mentor.

The Department's Assessment and Feedback strategy ensures fast and responsive feedback.

Exam feedback- 1st, 2nd year Undergraduate students and part-time Postgraduate students are given feedback from exams.

Dissertation preparation- there are bespoke workshops and alumni presentation sessions to provide support for you in preparing for your Dissertation, in addition to the support provided by your Academic Mentor/Dissertation Supervisor and Course Convenors. 



Peer supporters- Peer Supporters have been specifically selected and trained in listening, questioning and responding skills so they can help other students to reach their own solutions. Find out more and who you can reach out to here.

MHFA- The Department's professional services staff are Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA)- a point of contact if you, or someone you are concerned about, are experiencing a mental health issue or emotional distress. They can give you initial support and signpost you to appropriate help if required. 

Programme Support Drop-Ins- the Programme support teams offer weekly sessions where you can speak to us about anything about which you need help or advice. You can book sessions via the Student Hub.

Wellbeing Weeks  are held in MT and LTs to encourage you to take some time out and take care of your wellbeing during the busy teaching terms and ahead of Exams.

Exam and Dissertation Breakfasts during the January Exam period, in the Summer Exam period, and when Dissertations are handed in.

Hardship Funds- If you find yourself in unexpected financial need, you should apply to the School Hardship fund in the first instance. Contact the Student Services Centre for information on how to apply.

Once you have applied to the School fund, you can also apply to the Department Hardship fund. This may be able to help you in the short term, while the School processes your School hardship application, or in addition to the School hardship fund in particular cases. Speak to your Academic Mentor and/or the Programme support team for further information on where the Department Hardship fund may be able to help you.

To apply, you will need to show that you have already applied to the School Hardship fund; provide a paragraph explaining why you need assistance and how much you would require; and a supporting letter from your AM (sent separately). You can apply to (Undergraduate) or (Postgraduate).


Student Voice

Making a difference

Student Academic Representatives- All Programmes elect Student Academic Representatives, who voice your views and pass on your feedback to course and Programme leaders and the Programme Support Team, and help to improve your LSE experience. Student Academic Representatives attend regular meetings and liaise with key faculty on your behalf. Read more here.





This webpage will be updated regularly with any new initiatives and actions taken as a result of your feedback.