How we share information with you

so that you don’t miss anything important! 

We appreciate you will be getting lots of information throughout your time at LSE, so you need to know how we will communicate with you so that you don’t miss anything important!  



Email is the primary channel of communication within the School. Your Programme Support staff and members of Faculty will send important information via email throughout the year, for example: instructions for assessments and exams.

Make sure you check your LSE email account regularly so you don’t miss any important emails!

Weekly Newsletters

Each week during term time, the Department sends a weekly newsletter to all students (through our email marketing platform Mailchimp). The newsletter will keep you informed of Department news and events, information relevant to your education, sources of support and opportunities available to you.

Tip: Make sure you check your spam folder and adjust your settings so you don’t miss out any of our newsletters! If you need help doing this, you can visit the IT Service Desk ( This is especially important at the start of the year for the weekly newsletters.

Department Web Pages

Our webpages are a central source of factual information about the Department, its members and activities. The webpages are updated regularly to display information current to each period within the academic year. For example, in our ‘Current Students’ section you will find handbooks, course brochures and advice relating to assessments. You will also find information on Student Academic Representation, and opportunities available to you in the Department of Social Policy.

Tip: Why not ‘bookmark’ the Department webpages in your browser, to save you time searching!


The Moodle page for each course is where course specific information and updates are shared (including course guides, lecture handouts & slides, and reading lists). It is also where you will submit your assessments electronically. You should check the Moodle pages for your courses regularly. 

The Moodle page for the Department includes sections on Welcome, Wellbeing, Student Community, Student Opportunities and Events.

Tip: Use Moodle as an additional source of information when choosing courses.

Student Hub App

You will use the Student hub to book appointments with your Academic Mentor and teachers in their Advice and Feedback hours, LSE LIFE advisors and the Programme Support Team. You can also view your timetable through the app as well as collaborate with other students through dedicated groups.

The Department uses the app to announce events and share news so make sure you follow us when you download the app!

Tip: Make sure you download the Student Hub app and follow the Department of Social Policy page.

Social Media

The Department of Social Policy uses social media to reach and engage current and new audiences, highlight the work of our academics and create interest in the research, activities and life of the LSE community.

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