Studying Philosophy and Public Policy at the LSE has been an amazing and rewarding experience. I have enjoyed being surrounded by inspiring and ambitious people as well as being part of a small faculty where professors are approachable and supportive. The programme has taught me to apply moral and political philosophical perspectives underlying public policy debates across multiple policy areas.

Upon completing my MSc, I have worked as a research assistant at the research institute RAND Europe in Cambridge where I have strengthened my research skills and gained substantial experience in both qualitative and quantitative research methods. I have contributed to projects for a broad range of European policy-making organisations including the European Commission, relevant Directorates-General and other EU agencies, covering a wide spectrum of public policy areas from online drugs markets on the dark web to early childhood education. Not only has this experience helped me to gain a strong understanding of EU policy making, but it has also exposed me to working in an interdisciplinary research environment and with multicultural teams of researchers.

After working for almost a year at RAND Europe, I am now about to start a PhD in the Political and Social Sciences Department at the European University Institute in Florence, where I wish to pursue my academic career in political philosophy with a specialisation in the morality of war and conflict and international justice more widely.