LSE offers a number of scholarships and awards to MSc students and a popular one amongst applicants is the Graduate Support Scheme. If you have not submitted an application but would like to be considered, please note that the deadline is on 27 April 2023 at 9am UK time. Please be aware that the GSS is not a full scholarship, but a supplement to funding you may already have in place either through other scholarships or savings and family support. Please do not rely on the GSS only.

There is huge competition to secure scholarships and it may feel like a degree in itself to research opportunities, read through eligibility criteria and complete application forms. To help make things easier for you, LSE’s Fees and Funding Division has put together some information on internal and external awards, as well as country-specific information.

LSE has also signed up to the Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding Gateway, which is a database of charities, trust and foundations with funding available for students. The amount available varies and some of the organisations are very specific with the profile of candidates they would like to fund or are able to fund.

You can sign up using an email address of your choice and the Alternative Guide Pin is 6137 (option 2 when you register).