Time to get organised. You may like to begin with some planning for an exciting year ahead. Over the course of the next months, we will provide you with further details of the programme, but first of all, here are the term dates:

Welcome Week:

Most welcome events will take place the week before teaching starts and we will be offering a variety of events during this week. We will be confirming these events closer to the time as we are currently still in planning stage. The centrally managed welcome pages will be updated in due course.

Autumn Term
Monday 30 September – Friday 13 December 2024
Reading week: Monday 4 November – Friday 8 November 2024

Winter break
Monday 16 December 2024 – Friday 17 January 2025

January exams
Monday 13 – Friday 17 January 2025

Winter Term
Monday 20 January – Friday 4 April 2025
Reading week: Monday 24 February – Friday 28 February 2025

Spring break
Monday 7 April – Monday 5 May 2025

Spring Term
Tuesday 6 May (due to May bank holiday) – Friday 20 June 2025

For 12-month master’s students and students in Year 2 of a 24-month master’s programme, Spring Term extends until the official end date of your programme.