MSc Offer-Holders

Departmental Welcome Events

27 August 2021|

The School’s main Welcome will be during the week from Monday 23 to Friday 27 September, but there are various social events for students arriving early.

Registration dates

18 August 2021|

We previously posted about registration. Lots has happened since and we thought we should give you an update.

Choices, choices – course selection for your programme

21 July 2021|

We know how eager you are to select your courses, but you still have some time to make up your mind before course selection opens.

You will be able to browse courses on LSE for You using the Graduate Course Choice option before Welcome starts. The browsing window opens on Monday 13 September at 10am.

You will be able […]

LSE Systems – where do I do what?

29 June 2021|

At LSE we use a number of different systems to support teaching and learning and it may not always be clear at the beginning what system you need to use for what task. Here is a brief overview for you.

Life at LSE – supporting your career and study skills

25 June 2021|

Several services are available at LSE to support your study skills and help you with your career development.

Student Support – Inclusion Plans and Exam Adjustments

25 June 2021|

LSE can recommend adjustments for students with disabilities or long term medical conditions to meet their individual needs. Reasonable adjustments may include use of a study room, one-to-one study support or use of specialist equipment, extended loans on library books or access to assistive technology.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

21 June 2021|

As a student at LSE you can look forward to a fantastic learning environment, meeting new people and participating in lots of social activities. But studying on a one-year MSc programme can also be very challenging and competitive and at times students may feel lonely. The LSE Disability and Wellbeing Service and LSE Counselling are here to help.

They’re there with their English language support!

14 June 2021|

For some of you English may not be the first language. The LSE Language Centre and LSE LIFE run several classes and workshops before and during term time for those who wish to improve their skills.

The academic year – explained in 2 minutes

9 June 2021|

The academic year at LSE may be different to the structures from your previous academic institution, so here is your guide to what is happening when.

Key Departmental Staff

1 June 2021|

There are a few people in the life of an MSc student that you might want to build a good rapport with as they form an important link to the School’s Student Services and will be able to assist you when things are not going according to plan. Your programme coordinators have already been introduced in a previous […]