‘Resilience’ has become a buzzword, beloved of pop psychologists and workplace well-being programmes. But it also has an older history that includes the Stoics and Schopenhauer. So how do we foster resilience? Or should we foster it at all? Does a culture of resilience deny vulnerability and inequalities, or is it a practical way to cope with a tumultuous world? We trace the philosophical traditions of resilience and explore critical perspectives on its modern forms.

David Bather Woods
Senior Teaching Fellow in Philosophy, University of Warwick
Serene Khader
Professor and Jay Newman Chair in Philosophy of Culture, CUNY
Mark Neocleous
Professor of the Critique of Political Economy, Brunel University London
David Westley
Associate Professor of Psychology, Middlesex University

Shahidha Bari
Fellow, Forum for Philosophy & Professor, University of the Arts London

Recorded on 22 February 2021