2019 Lakatos Award Expert Workshop with Henk W. de Regt

On 21 November 2019, this half-day workshop addressed issues raised by Henk W. de Regt’s Lakatos Award-winning book, Understanding Scientific Understanding.

This video playlist includes the following talks:

  • Henk W. de Regt (Radboud University): “Précis of Understanding Scientific Understanding”
  • Christoph Baumberger (ETH Zürich): “Understanding as a multi-dimensional concept”
  • Sabina Leonelli (University of Exeter): “Using organisms as models for life: Performative and social skills for understanding”
  • Mauricio Suárez (Complutense University Madrid): “Scientific Understanding as Minimal Representation”
  • Hasok Chang (University of Cambridge): “Understanding and knowledge as ability”