Doping (Forum for Philosophy)

World-class athletes push themselves beyond normal limits and transform their bodies through training and diet. But in the wake of various scandals across the world of sport, we know pharmaceuticals can also play a role. Doping is considered a form of cheating, but should it be? And with the arrival of ‘smart drugs’, this is no longer only a worry for sports. Can we ensure a level playing field, in sports and beyond, or will the advances in drug development always outpace regulation? We explore the philosophy behind all things doping, competing, and cheating.


John William Devine
Lecturer in Sports Ethics and Integrity, Swansea University
Vanessa Heggie
Lecturer in the History of Medicine, University of Birmingham
David Papineau
Professor of Philosophy, KCL

Clare Moriarty
Fellow, Forum for Philosophy
Teaching Fellow in Philosophy, UCD