Anti-vaxxers & Other Sceptics (Forum for Philosophy)

Will a future COVID vaccine be undermined by anti-vaxxers? What are the causes of declining vaccination rates? Why does this medical scepticism persist, and how might it be tackled? Or might there be times when scepticism is justified? And if so, how are we to determine when we should and when we should not trust the experts? We discuss the causes of and cures for distrust in medical expertise.

Rohin Francis
Cardiologist, UCL/The Essex Cardiothoracic Centre & Comedian
Katherine Furman
Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Liverpool
Heidi Larson
Professor of Anthropology, Risk and Decision Science, LSHTM

Jonathan Birch
Fellow, Forum for Philosophy & Associate Professor of Philosophy at LSE

Recorded on 20 October 2020

Co-sponsored by the British Society for the Philosophy of Science