The Impact of Women's Political Participation on Kuwaiti Politics

Principal Investigator: Dr Zeynep Kaya
Duration: October 2018–December 2020

Aseel al-Awadhi
Aseel al-Awadhi in the Kuwait National Assembly on 31 May 2009 / Kuwait-Ra'ed Qutena

This research project seeks to understand the structural, political and gender-related obstacles facing: (1) female candidates seeking election to the Kuwaiti National Assembly, and (2) those female politicians who do get elected when trying to influence the legislative process and the governmental oversight. Relatedly, it also seeks to understand the opportunities in place to overcome these obstacles and how female parliamentarians’ influence in improving the legislative and governmental processes can be operationalized. The project will study the perspectives, plans and actions of past and present female politicians (candidates, MPs and ministers) seeking to improve the Kuwaiti parliamentary system and to understand Kuwaiti women’s perceptions of the obstacles they face. Through this study, this project will develop a rigorous evidence-based study and generate policy recommendations for Kuwaiti male and female political actors and civil society organisations. 

Women's Electoral Particiaption in Kuwait 500x733

Women's Electoral Participation in Kuwait

Zeynep N. Kaya, June 2021

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Principal Investigator

Zeynep Kaya

Zeynep Kaya

Zeynep is a Research Fellow in the LSE Middle East Centre.


Almazidi, Nour

Nour Almazidi

Nour is starting a PhD in the Department of Gender Studies at LSE in September 2019.