Towards an Equitable Transport System in Kuwait

Understanding Transport Equity Related Issues and their Role in Shaping Urban Mobility in Kuwait's Metropolitan Area

Principal Investigator: Dr Muhammad Adeel
Duration: September 2018–December 2020

Kwuait traffic
Kuwait. Photograhy: Philipp Rode

The project aims to investigate the issues of transport equity in Kuwait from a social justice perspective through both quantitative and qualitative aspects. Building on LSE Cities’ recently completed research project ‘Resource Urbanisms’ (2015-2017), the study will conduct a comprehensive GIS analysis of Kuwait’s built environment to highlight the cross sectional inequalities in access to the transport system in Kuwait's metropolitan area. In addition, the study will undertake focus group discussions with car and public transport users in Kuwait to understand mobility needs and how they shape travel behaviour in the country’s particular social and cultural context. The qualitative component will follow theoretical approaches of grounded theory analysis.  

The results of the study will assist in the understanding of the characteristics of a more equitable transport system in Kuwait. The project's findings will be shared through a seminar at the LSE and a workshop in Kuwait in mid-2019. A policy-focused research paper will be published by the Middle East Centre, and an article submitted to a top quality transportation journal.  


'A Focused Look at Female Mobility in Kuwait', LSE Middle East Centre blog, 20 April 2020.

'Why aren't more people using buses in Kuwait?', LSE Middle East Centre blog, 26 February 2020.

Principal Investigator

Adeel, Muhammad

Muhammad Adeel

Muhammad is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds.


Alfahad, Reem

Reem Alfahad






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