Research Grants

Kuwait Programme

The Kuwait Programme formerly ran Research Grants to support LSE colleagues to conduct time-sensitive and globally competitive policy relevant research on contemporary Kuwait pertaining to the Programme’s research themes.

We are no longer running research grants.

Research Grants commencing 2017/18


Kuwait City

Estimating the Economic Impact of Alternative Wealth Distribution Policies in Kuwait

Principal Investigator: Professor Steffen Hertog, Department of Government, LSE.


Understanding the Changing Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Kuwait and the Gulf Region 

Principal Investigator: Christian Siderius, The Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, LSE.


Research Grants commencing 2018/19


Kwuait traffic

Towards an Equitable Transport System in Kuwait

Principal Investigator: Muhammad Adeel, LSE Cities.

Aseel Al-Awadhi

The Impact of Women’s Political Participation on Kuwaiti Politics

Principal Invesitgator: Zeynep Kaya, LSE Middle East Centre.


Research Grants commencing 2019/20


Kuwait Parliament 2013

Kuwait National Election Study

Principal Investigator: Courtney Freer, LSE Middle East Centre.

South Saad Al-Abdullah City, Kuwait

Asian Capital and the Rise of Smart Urbanism in Kuwait

Principal Investigator: Hyun Shin, LSE South East Asia Centre and Departmeny of Geography and Environment, LSE.

Research Grants commencing 2020/21


Cross Cultural Diwaniya - Kuwait

Sustaining Kuwait in Unsustainable Times

Principal Investigator: Deen Sharp, Department of Geography and Environment, LSE.

WaterEnergyNature Nexus

Public Preferences towards Policies to Address the Water-Energy-Nature Nexus in Kuwait

Principal Investigator: Susana Mourato, Department of Geography and Environment, LSE.

Research Grants commencing 2021/22


Kuwait flood 2018 500x733

Learning from the Past to Build a Better Future: Supporting Urban Flood Resilience in Kuwait Through a Forensic Analysis of the 2018 Flash Floods

Principal Investigator: Swenja Surminski, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, LSE.

Kuwait City 500x733

Ecologies of Belonging and Exclusion: An Intersectional Analysis of Urban Citizenship in Kuwait City

Principal Investigator: Nazanin Shahrokni, Department of Gender Studies, LSE.


For submissions and all enquiries, please contact Mercedes Masters, Kuwait Programme Coordinator, at