Kuwait Programme

LSE Middle East Centre

The LSE Kuwait Programme has achieved tremendous cultural success, highlighting the excellent relations between the United Kingdom and Kuwait. We vow to continue our cooperation with this distinguished programme in order to lead it to further success.

HE Khaled Abdulaziz Al-Duwaisan GCVO, Ambassador of Kuwait to the UK

The Kuwait Programme is a world-leading hub for research and expertise on Kuwait. The Programme is the main conduit through which research on Kuwait at the School is facilitated, expanded and promoted.

The Programme is funded by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences and directed by Professor Toby Dodge, who is also Kuwait Professor.

About the Programme

Goals of the Programme

  • To establish collaborative research partnerships between LSE and Kuwaiti universities that will deliver high quality research on the challenges facing the country, expand Kuwaiti expertise on these challenges, and produce long-term relationships of value;
  • To conduct time-sensitive, policy-relevant research which will inform evidence-based policymaking in Kuwait and the wider GCC;
  • To produce and publish high quality original academic research on contemporary Kuwait;
  • To organise exchanges between LSE faculty and Kuwaiti academics and policy practitioners to facilitate knowledge exchange, intellectual capacity and career development;
  • To provide for the development of leaders and academics in Kuwaiti research and higher education institutions through the production, management and dissemination of research as well as through longer-term research collaboration activities.

Research Themes

  • Reforming the delivery of healthcare in Kuwait;
  • Consolidating evidence-based policymaking in Kuwait; 
  • Improving the role of the Kuwaiti Parliament in legislation and governmental oversight;
  • Expanding the role of research and development in the Kuwaiti private sector; 
  • Improving the efficiency of the sovereign wealth fund in Kuwaiti development;
  • Developing economic and legal perspectives on diversifying the oil-dependent economy of Kuwait;
  • Improving Kuwaiti service delivery and public administration;
  • Diversifying energy consumption in Kuwait;
  • Aiding sustainable urban development in Kuwait;
  • Examining and informing public policy to meet the challenge of global warming in Kuwait.


Kuwait Academic Collaborations

Through the Kuwait Academic Collaborations, the Centre runs an open competition for Kuwait-based and LSE academics to form joint research teams for long-term collaborative research and capacity building on policy relevant challenges facing Kuwait today.

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Research Grants

The Kuwait Programme Research Grants support LSE colleagues to conduct time-sensitive and globally competitive policy relevant research on contemporary Kuwait pertaining to the Programme’s research themes.

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Short-Term Fellowships

The Short-Term Fellowships allow researchers based at academic or research institutions in Kuwait to visit LSE for a few months in order to conduct research related to the Programme's thematic research interests and develop their research capacity and output.

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The Programme organises research-focused seminars and breakfast seminars at LSE and in Kuwait.

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Kuwait Programme Paper Series

The Programme publishes peer-reviewed research papers and policy briefs on Kuwait and the wider Gulf. These papers are authored by LSE academics and researchers, as well as external experts on the region. 

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Kuwait Programme Alumni Network

The Kuwait Programme manages an alumni network of researchers from Kuwait who have worked with the programme since 2017.

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