2020 JournalismAI Collab

A global collaboration to experiment with AI

The JournalismAI Collab is a global collaborative experiment launched in June 2020. The Collab is a platform for news organisations to come together and explore innovative solutions to improve their journalism through AI.

About 40 participants from more than 20 news organisations worldwide worked in teams to explore how AI technologies could help them address a set of challenges that they selected. Together, they imagined and tested new ideas that might lead to developing new tools and inform future experiments.

Meet the Collab teams and explore their work: 



Connecting users to quality journalism with AI-powered summaries

The idea that this team has been working on is to make it easier for users to discover and consume the very best journalism we produce, in spite of the flood of information they have to navigate. To achieve that goal, the team decided to focus on automated summarisation and how it can become a tool for newsrooms to leverage content in their archives to enhance, promote and contextualise new stories. Their study will share the key learnings from the tests and experiments the team run with existing summarisation tools and others they prototyped in their own newsroom.

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How might we leverage AI to understand, identify and mitigate newsroom biases?

To better serve our societies, newsrooms need – and most times want – to do better on diversity and inclusion, both in terms of who works in news organisations and in what/how they report on the world. In the Collab, this team has explored how AI might be a resource for news organisations and the industry as a whole. They will share their learnings on a website that will showcase the results of their practical AI experiments with assessing the gender representations of their respective news sites.

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Watch the team's presentation at the JournalismAI Festival



How AI will put the power of news media archives in the hands of the journalists 

This team studied how newsrooms might create a suggestion engine that recommends articles from a newsroom’s archive to a reporter who is in the process of writing a story. The goal is to help journalists leverage existing knowledge to enrich new articles and add useful context and background information, thus showing how a story has evolved over time. In their report, the team presents a series of successful case studies they have identified, as well as suggesting that news organisations cooperate with tech companies to build those tools that could truly augment journalists’ capabilities.

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Watch the team's presentation at the JournalismAI Festival



How your newsroom might use AI to increase loyalty in your audiences  

Understanding who our readers are and the inherent financial and brand opportunities that exist around reader relationships is something many media companies are now beginning to embrace and prioritise. In four interrelated sections, the report of this team will offer a guide to news organisations that want to design a strategy to incorporate human and AI elements with the goal of increasing audiences loyalty and engagement.

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Watch the team's presentation at the JournalismAI Festival



The Collab teams presented the results of their 6-month investigations at the JournalismAI Festival, on 7–11 December 2020. You can find all their presentations here.

You can also review the history of this collaborative experiment by reviewing our Collab Diary, which we will keep updating in 2021.

The Collab is coordinated by the JournalismAI team at POLIS – the journalism think-tank at the London School of Economics and Political Science – and supported by the Google News Initiative.