About JournalismAI

Who we are and what we do

JournalismAI is a global initiative that aims to create opportunities for journalists and media organisations to come together and explore solutions to improve the future of journalism with AI.

We are on a mission to inform media organisations about the potential offered by AI-powered technologies and to foster debate about the ethical, editorial, and social impact on AI for journalism. 

In 2021, this mission translates into four core objectives:

  • We want to grow our network and inform as many journalists as possible about the potential of AI. In particular, we want to reach new journalism communities in the so-called ‘Global South’ and diversify our network to add new perspectives.
  • We aim to facilitate connections between journalists and news organisations to create new opportunities for knowledge exchange and harness the power of our global community.
  • We want to mitigate the inequalities described in the 2019 report, supporting small and medium organisations via targeted initiatives that will help them benefit from the potential offered by AI technologies.
  • We want to make our resources more accessible so that they can more easily be discovered and explored. We strive to offer actionable takeaways to inform newsrooms’ adoption and implementation of AI-powered tools and processes.

The work of JournalismAI is informed by the global survey that led to the publication of our report in November 2019: New powers, new responsibilities. A global survey of journalism and artificial intelligence. The report suggests that AI is giving journalists significant new powers, but with those come editorial and ethical responsibilities.

Join our Global Network  

We see JournalismAI as a service to the news industry and everyone who's working in and around it.

Since the launch of the project in 2019, a global network has coalesced around JournalismAI. It involves almost 3,000 media professionals, with a wide range of roles and backgrounds, who understand the importance of working together to make the most of the potential that AI can offer to the news industry.

You can join the JournalismAI network by signing up to our monthly newsletter.

What We Offer

Joining the JournalismAi network will give you access to a number of free resources, activities, and opportunities curated by our team:

  • Training resources and a collection of case studies that we curate on a rolling basis to keep you always up to date with the latest trends at the intersection of journalism and AI.
  • Workshops, talks and training sessions to share our knowledge and experience with your colleagues, students and conference attendees.
  • Exclusive articles and interviews by and with experts in the field of AI and media. Including a special series of conversations putting the spotlight on the creative careers of women working with AI in newsrooms across the globe.
  • The outcomes of the 2020 JournalismAI Collab, our first collaborative experiment to imagine new AI-powered journalistic solutions.
  • The opportunity to connect with media professionals from across the world and learn from each other's experiences with AI, with a tailored match-making service.
  • Essentially, everything you need to know about AI in journalism! 

The Team

JournalismAI is led by Professor Charlie Beckett, who authored the 2019 report and oversees the initiative.

Mattia Peretti manages the project and you can get in touch with him for any questions about JournalismAI.

Lakshmi Sivadas and Sabrina Argoub share the role of Community Coordinator.

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JournalismAI is a project of POLIS – the journalism think-tank at the London School of Economics and Political Science – and it's supported by the Google News Initiative