ICA 2023 Presentations

More than 20 faculty, PhD researchers and alumni and research staff will present at the International Communication Association’s 73rd Annual Conference. The conference theme, Reclaiming Authenticity in Communication, invites communication scholars to examine how authenticity has become a variable, rather than a constant, in public discourses and popular culture across the globe, and with what relational, social, political, and cultural implications. The conference will be held in Toronto, Canada from 23-29 May 2023.

All Department of Media and Communications contributions to the conference are listed below, in alphabetical order by presentation title. Further details about the papers (e.g. abstracts and presentation times) are available in the searchable conference programme which can be accessed here.

Find out more about the ICA 2023 Conference here.

Thursday 25 May

  • ICA Opening Plenary
    Authenticity at the Heart of Communication (Scholarship) - Sarah Banet-Weiser
  • New Frontiers in Global Digital Inequalities Research - Ellen Helsper
  • Media and Communication Studies in Global Contexts: A Critical History - Omar Al-Ghazzi
  • Building the Conditions for Responsible Human-Centric AI Systems Theresa Seipp
  • Using Smartphones as a Lens to Look Inside Older Adults' Everyday Lives - Jane Vincent

Friday 26 May

  • Cyberbullying as a Moral Panic: What Incites Public Desire for Intervention? - Chang Wan
  • Meet My (Imaginary) Friend! Authenticating Influencer Culture Through the Eyes of a Child - Miriam Rahali
  • Stop ‘Forging Life to Fit a Mould’!!! Thinking Promotion From Latin AmericaCesar Jimenez-Martinez
  • The 2023 Steve Jones Internet Lecture 
    The pros and cons of an age-blind internet: The challenge from a child rights perspective -
     Sonia Livingstone
  • The Limits of ‘Global’ Promotional Scholarship: Forging a New Topography - Lee Edwards; Mahuya Pal
  • The Localisation of CNN in Latin America: Contributing or Disrupting Media Systems and Journalistic Cultures? - Pablo Morales
  • Young People Experiencing Internet-Related Mental Health Difficulties: Are Digital Skills Proof Against Risky Affordances? - Sonia Livingstone; Mariya Stoilova; Lina I. Stänicke; Reidar S. Jessen; Richard Graham; Elisabeth Staksrud; Tine Jensen
  • Gaps and Promises of Media Concentration Law for the Digital Age - Theresa Seipp

Saturday 27 May

  • Accounting for the Depths of Data Power - Nick Couldry
  • Comparing Strategies for Engaged Research With Children: What Lessons Can We Learn From Experience? - Sonia LivingstoneMariya Stoilova
  • Gatekeepers, Locked Doors, Elite Creators: Challenges of Access and Building Trust as an Ethnographer of the Influencer Industry - Zoe Glatt
  • Grind and Grift: Gender, Con(fidence), and Post-Authenticity in Academic Labor - Sarah Banet-WeiserKathryn Higgins
  • Platform Spectacle and Populism in YouTube Videos of COVID-19 Protests - Angelos Kissas
  • The Digital Border and Its Symbolic and Territorial Assemblages - Myria Georgiou; Lilie Chouliaraki
  • #Toxic Relatability: The Intimacy Triple Bind of Marginalised Creators in the Influencer IndustryZoe Glatt

Sunday 28 May

  • A Media Theory of Gaze - Hossein Derakhshan
  • Filtering as a Cultural Technique: A Media History of Borders Philipp Seuferling
  • High-Touch Media: Caring Practices at the Deaf AIDS Information Center - Cait McKinney; Dylan Mulvin
  • Le Tour de France 2022: A Mediation Opportunity Structure for Contentious Politics - Bart Cammaerts

Monday 29 May

  • Communicating the Authentic China: Partnership Agreements and the Use of Chinese Sources and Voices by Latin American Media - Pablo Morales; Paulo Menechelli
  • Developing Performance Tests to Measure Digital Skills: Lessons Learned From a Cross-National Perspective - Ester van Laar; Alexander Van Deursen; Ellen Helsper; Luc Schneider
  • Holographic Authenticities - Gal Ravia
  • The Digital Communication of Femicide: Politics of Victimhood and/or Justice in the Greek #MeToo - Angelos Kissas; Afroditi M. Koulaxi

Tuesday 30 May