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We generate research that advances knowledge and impacts policy-making

Dr Panos Kanavos, Programme Director, MTRG

We focus on interdisciplinary and comparative research with emphasis on medical technologies and are committed to bridging research with policy. We develop new tools, methods and frameworks enabling us to conduct multi-disciplinary research at global level, analyse complex health care problems and unlock insights that inform policy-making. We work with the broader stakeholder community to conduct research, offer strategic advice, and undertake capacity-building and executive training in our areas of expertise. 

 Research Areas 

The economics of medical technologies, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices and digital health technologies

Our research on the economics of medical technologies relates to the impact of demand- and supply-side regulation on innovation and technology development, competition, uptake and diffusion. Our focus includes regulatory approval pathways, health technology assessment and its determinants, pricing models & strategic pricing of new technologies, financing methods (e.g. risk-sharing agreements, special funding schemes, innovative payment models), and strategic procurement. Our work covers the entire life-cycle of medical technologies and captures the dynamics of niche therapies, including personalised treatments, orphan medicines, cell & gene therapies and co-dependent technologies.

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Appropriateness and quality of care

Inappropriate use of medical technologies or use of low-quality medical technologies can be inefficient and potentially harmful to patients. It is critical that the use of medical technologies is evidence-based and appropriate. Our research covers prescribing policy; rational drug use; appropriate use of medications, and their potential impact on health care and outcomes in specific disease areas or at country level; analysis of the socioeconomic impact of disability and disease and associated healthcare related policy decisions.

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Access to medical technologies across health systems

Patient access to medical technologies can vary considerably within and across healthcare systems. Our research on access to medical technologies relates to the impact of health reforms and financing approaches on the availability and affordability of medical technologies. Our research focus includes the generation of fiscal space in health care financing, new financing models (e.g. instalment payments or subscription models for high-cost therapies), virtual health care, population approaches to healthcare, and the development & application of value frameworks to multi-criteria resource allocation problems.

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Policy evaluation and impact assessment

We conduct comprehensive and detailed policy evaluation and impact assessments of macro-level policies related to medical technologies, such as external referencing pricing, health technology assessment (HTA), rate of return regulation, generic policy effectiveness, approaches to funding orphan medicinal products and cell & gene therapies. Our work assesses the impact of different policies and tools in terms of both effectiveness and uptake and use of medical technologies. We conduct impact assessments through a ‘health systems’ lens and link this to key health policy objectives (e.g. macro-economic and micro-economic efficiency, equity, responsiveness and choice), industrial policy considerations and the broader socio-economic impact of new medical technologies.

Recent projects and outputs:


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