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Visiting Appointments

How to apply for a visiting position with the European Institute

The European Institute (EI) welcomes applications by academics or policy practitioners who want to join us on a visiting basis. Our Visiting Fellows, Visiting Senior Fellows and Visiting Professors play an active part in the intellectual life of the department by contributing to, or conducting research on, topics related to the work of the European Institute.

Do please read all the information below thoroughly before you apply.

Visiting categories

Note that you may apply for any of the below categories that you feel are most suitable, but the EI’s Research Committee and the School’s central Appointments Committee, reserve the right to confer at title at a more appropriate level.

Visiting Fellowships

The title of Visiting Fellow is given to scholars who are pre-Major Review equivalent/of post-doctoral status, persons/practitioners of equivalent standing in an appropriate profession/occupation, and researchers in the early stages of their career. 

Visiting Senior Fellowships

The title of Visiting Senior Fellow is given to individuals who have already published work of distinction, and those who have made a more senior contribution in government service, in professional practice, in the private sector, or in other appropriate fields. 

Visiting Professors

The title of Visiting Professor is for those who have appropriate eminent distinction within the academic professions, and whose connections with the School are appropriate for such a title. Note that the title of Professor at a home institution does not guarantee a Visiting Professorship at LSE.

Visiting Professors in Practice

The title of Visiting Professor in Practice is for those who have appropriate eminent distinction within their area of practice without, however, having sufficient academic distinction. 

Terms of appointment

As per School policy, terms of appointment shall be for no more than three years and no fewer than 12 months. Appointments may be exceptionally renewed for longer than three years, or fewer than 12 months, on the approval of the Research Committee and LSE appointments committee. Appointments cannot be shorter than one academic term. Note that short-term appointments are not normally eligible for the full range of benefits of a longer appointment (see below).

Note that visiting appointments in the European Institute are non-contractual and unremunerated.

Tier 5 Sponsorship

Visiting Professors or Visiting Professors in Practice who are not nationals of the United Kingdom or European Economic Area (EEA), and who receive financial support of any form - (from a formal source of funding such as the government, university, research council, charitable organisation etc.) to carry out research, will be required to have a Tier 5 visa before they can work at the School.

Candidates must contact the HR Immigration and Compliance team at to confirm their status in advance of their application. Their response should be forwarded to, so that it can form part of your application. See point 6 under: Applying for a visiting appointment at the European Institute

Benefits of visiting appointments in the EI

All visiting staff in the European Institute benefit from the following:

  • Use of the European Institute’s Visiting Fellows’ space
  • An LSE staff ID
  • An invitation to attend departmental social events, weekly lunches and our research seminar lunchtime series (Europe@LSE)
  • Use of the LSE Library
  • Use of the Staff Common Room / Staff Dining Room, by arrangement
  • Promotion of activities on the EI News webpage

Visiting appointments of 12 months or longer also benefit from:

  • An LSE IT account and email address
  • A listing on the EI People webpage

Applying for external funding

All classifications of Visiting staff are eligible to apply for external research funding in their own name and using the School’s name. This is subject to the support of the Head of Department, the Research Chair and wider Research Committee, and with the approval of the Fellow’s own home institution. In the first instance, Visiting staff who are interested in applying for external funding should email with their request and further details.

If approval is provided as above, Visiting staff must also discuss their plans with the School’s Research and Projects Development Division (RPDD) prior to the submission of the application. Contact the European Institute’s administrative Research Manager for more details on how to do this.

Applicants are expected to cover their own salary costs by building this into the application. Should an application be successful, with the applicant’s salary and payroll costs built into the award, then the appointment process and issue of a School contract would be processed through the School’s Human Resources Division, subject to the School’s employment rules and regulations. The applicant’s suitability for subsequent appointment to the senior research staff would be considered in the usual way by a School selection committee.

Responsibilities of visiting appointments in the EI

Visiting staff are expected to actively contribute to the European Institute community, though research with permanent staff, participation in our public events and/or student engagement programmes.

Visiting staff must contribute at least one of the above areas during their time with the department. This might include: submitting a working paper to the LSE Europe in Question Paper Series (LEQS), participate actively in EI public events – either though presenting or regularly attendance, or participate in student engagement activities. 

Visiting staff are encouraged to discuss ideas with the Deputy Head of Department (Research) and Department Manager to ensure that they are meeting requirements of the post.

Contact points during your appointment

Visiting staff should meet regularly with their mentor, and should make an appointment to meet with the Chair of the Research Committee - who also serves as the Visiting Fellows Coordinator - at the start of their term.

Administrative questions should be addressed to the Research Manager at and notification of public activity (e.g. media appearances, published works) should be sent to our Events and Communications Manager at for inclusion on our EI News webpage.

Applying for a visiting appointment in the European Institute

Applications for visiting appointments go through a two stage process; in the first instance they are considered by the EI’s Research Committee. Applications accepted at this stage will then considered by the School’s appointments committee, who make the final decision regarding visiting posts.

Applications for appointments in the department must also be supported by a member of European Institute academic staff (i.e. Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, full Professor, or Professorial Research Fellow), and you should approach EI staff prior to submitting your application, as you will need their reference in order to apply.

The following information must be provided to the department’s administrative Research Manager at, as per the dates listed in the Timetable section below.

  1. The European Institute Visiting Appointment Application. You can download here the Visiting Appointment Application Form.
  2. A full, up-to-date curriculum vitae.
  3. An email/letter of support from a member of European Institute academic staff.
  4. A supporting statement of no less than 200 words, added to the application form (i.e. not provided as a supplemental letter or PDF document).
  5. Applications for a renewal of appointment must include the above, plus an additional statement of no less than 200 words outlining previous contributions.
  6. If a Tier 5 visa is required: Email approval from the LSE HR Immigration and Compliance team. Note: Only applicable to Visiting Professors/Visiting Professors in Practice who are not UK/EEA nations. See section on Tier 5 Sponsorship below.

The application will be checked by the EI’s Research Manager, in consultation with the Department Manager and the Chair of the Research Committee. Application papers will be circulated in advance of the EI Research Committee and nominations discussed at the meeting.

Candidates will be notified of the Research Committee’s decision, normally within one week after the meeting, and the Research Manager will submit successful candidates’ details to HR for the final approval of the Appointments Committee. The AC reserve the right to reject candidates approved by the Committee, or to request additional information before approval. Candidates are not officially accepted as Visiting Staff in the European Institute until HR has issued a letter of confirmation.

Timetable for Considering Applications

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, with the deadlines as follows:

  • the last Monday in September (for a start date between December – March)
  • the first Monday in January (for a start date between March – July)
  • the last Monday in April (for a start date between July – December)

Please note that these dates can shift yearly due to term dates, and you are advised to email to confirm the timeline.

Note also that the process for applying can be somewhat lengthy, so you are encouraged to follow the deadlines above and apply well in advance of your expected start date.