Economics MSc Offer Holders' Activities

Discover LSE Economics through webinars, lectures and videos.



Since we cannot yet meet our offer holders in person, we have created this webpage, where you can find out more about the MSc programmes from the Department of Economics.

There will also be opportunities for us to meet virtually through Zoom over the next few weeks on our MSc Programme Q&A sessions. We are very much looking forward to meeting you all in person and welcoming you to the Department!

MSc Programmes Team

MSc Seminars for Offer Holders

To give you a sense of the intellectual discussion you will encounter here at LSE, please find below two Zoom seminars to be given by Professor Nava Ashraf and Professor Ricardo Reis to Department of Economics MSc offer holders as well as videos and content for three departmental seminars which took place over the past month.

  • MSc Offer Holder Zoom Webinar
    Title: Altruistic capital: Experiments in organizations
    Speaker: Professor Nava Ashraf
    Watch the video
  • MSc Offer Holder Zoom Webinar
    Title: The COVID Recovery
    Speaker: Professor Ricardo Reis
    Watch the video
  • Title: Pandemics According to Hank
    Speaker: Professor Ben Moll
    Watch the video: view the slides
  • Title: Immigration: Theory, Evidence and Policy
    Speaker: Professor Alan Manning
    View the slides
  • Title: Economic Growth in A Cooperative Economy
    Speaker: Professor Francesco Caselli
    Watch the video: view the slides

MSc Programmes: Additional Activities

  • Short Online Courses in Python, Stata and R
    You will gain access to three short courses on the basics of these three programming languages designed by the LSE Digital Skills Lab for the MSc programs of the Economics department. These will make you familiar with programming in these languages.
  • MSc Surgeries in Stata and R
    You will be able to enrol in surgeries that further strengthen your programming skills, and that will teach you how to implement Econometric and Data Science applications.
    Read the STATA Course Syllabus 2021
    Read the R Course Syllabus 2021
  • MSc Seminar Series
    You will gain access to our very popular MSc Seminar Series with talks from famous LSE academics, as well as speakers from top institutions such as the IMF and Central Banks.
  • Careers and Networking Events
    You will benefit from a large number of networking and career events that will seek to perfect your profile and provide guidance for any career you may be planning on.
    See LSE Careers.
  • Seminars and Support for PhD Applications
    You will be offered a vast amount of resources to prepare for PhD applications. These include talks about application strategy and perfecting your application package, support in seeking references for your applications, information about valuable Pre-Doc and funding opportunities.
  • Social Events
    You will enjoy a considerable number of social events to network, to get to know your peers, and to take your mind off your studies.

MSc Programmes Links


Watch the welcome video from Head of Department, Professor Francesco Caselli:


Watch the welcome video from the Deputy Head of Department (Education), Dr Dimitra Petropoulou: