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We aim to keep you up to date throughout the application process, and to provide you with information regarding events that may have an effect on the progress of your application.

Last updated: 11 May 2020

In light of the current situation with Coronavirus, we have made some changes to our processes to ensure we can keep your admissions to LSE as smooth as possible. Please read the following advice:

General advice about sending documents and contacting us

The entire Graduate Admissions team is currently working remotely with no access to our office.

We have extremely limited access to paper documents, with considerable delay to their arrival. The best way for you to meet our requirements is for you to either:

  • Share your document with us via an online verification service, such as Digitary, CHESICC (for degrees studied in P.R. China) or eScrip-Safe.

  • Send a secure, digitally signed PDF.

  • Share your test scores with us by supplying your TRF number (IELTS) or appointment number (TOEFL, GMAT, GRE).

  • Ask your institution/referee to email your documents to us directly at graduate.documents@lse.ac.uk

  • Please do not send documents via multiple routes; duplication causes delay.

Other things to note

  • If you have recently sent us official test results via ETS (either TOEFL or GRE results), please can you also self report these using our How Do I...? forms (you will need to use form number 1). We are unable to receive batches directly from ETS at this present time, but we can verify results sent to us in this manner. For TOEFL results we require you to provide your name, appointment number and date of birth. For GRE results, we require you to provide your namedate of birth and registration number.

  • For the moment we will be sending all decisions out as emails only, so please do not report missing offer packs. All of the information you need is in your offer email, and the offer pack is available online (to everyone) at lse.ac.uk/study-at-lse/Graduate/Offer-holders. Please consider the email as official notification of your offer.

  • Please search for Coronavirus on the LSE Enquiries System for answers to some of the queries we are receiving. We will continue to add to this as more becomes clear. Please do not email us to ask about your individual situation; we will contact you as soon as we have made the relevant decisions. At the moment we continue to receive high volumes of emails which makes the process of confirming offers slower.

  • Finally, don’t panic. We know that the news is often alarming at the moment, but we are putting every effort into finding solutions to keep the application process running smoothly.​

Coronavirus - plans for the 2020/1 academic session


Since the emergence of COVID-19, our top priority has been to keep our LSE community safe and well. As we begin to plan for the new academic year, I wanted to share our latest thinking with LSE offer-holders and returning students.

We aim to welcome our new and returning students and to provide on-campus teaching and learning from the start of Michaelmas Term 2020. However, we are preparing for a variety of alternatives, whether on campus (likely with social distancing measures in place), online or a flexible model combining both modes of delivery.

We will issue more specific guidance in the coming weeks and will make a final decision on Michaelmas teaching and learning no later than mid-July. 

I look forward to welcoming you to our School community in the Michaelmas Term.


Dame Minouche Shafik




For information on how the School is already supporting current students, please see info.lse.ac.uk/coronavirus-response/advice-for-students. You can also see how LSE is contributing to research and policy in the age of coronavirus at lse.ac.uk/school-of-public-policy/social-sciences-covid-response

As ever, please be assured that we are doing everything we can to make sure that your opportunities at LSE are undiminished and that you get to enjoy the benefits of studying at one of the world’s leading social science institutions.

Summer School conditions/recommendations

We have now contacted all offer holders who have Summer School conditions or recommendations attached to their offers.

All of the options are published on our Summer School alternatives page. They are listed by programme, so please ensure that you are looking at the right section of the page. For some programmes, different offer holders were set different conditions; you need to check your offer email to see which are the courses that you need to follow.

For offer holders whose conditions have been replaced with a recommendation for topics to self-study, please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have covered the material adequately before you arrive at LSE. This is to ensure that you are well prepared for the MSc topics to follow.

English language conditions

Due to the current COVID-19 related difficulties in taking tests, we have expanded the ways in which offer holders can meet our requirements. We are currently assessing all offer holders with outstanding English language conditions against these criteria, confirming offers where possible and sending emails to the individuals concerne. We have already sent hundreds of individual emails, with hundreds more to come.

Please be patient whilst we carry out this task. Once it is complete, anyone who does not meet these criteria will receive an email setting out the options for taking alternative tests to the ones below. Do not contact us to request a waiver; we will contact you.

Please remember that you should still continue to prepare for studying in English. You are expected to spend time reading, listening to and watching material in English online, to practice your conversational English as often as you can, and to take advantage of the opportunities to improve your written English offered by LSE's Language Centre and Eden Centre once you arrive.

We will consider waiving your English language condition if you:

  1. Have/will have a 2+2 degree where two years are in the UK
  2. Have/will have an EU/EEA/Singapore/South Africa/Canada degree taught in English
  3. Have/will have a degree awarded by a UK/US university not in the UK or US
  4. Have TOEFL MyBest scores that meet this year’s or last year’s requirements
  5. Meet last year’s requirements
  6. Meet this year’s requirement overall, but have dropped 0.5 on one component
  7. Meet the requirement but your SELT is up to 1 month too old (ie from 1-30 September 2018)
  8. Show evidence on CV of 3 years working in an English speaking environment
  9. Show evidence on CV of secondary education in English at GCSE or A level
  10. Have completed/are completing a 1 year pre-master’s foundation programme in the UK

What you should do

  • If you have already taken a language test and supplied scores which narrowly miss our requirement (by date or single component score) you do not need to take any action.

  • If you have already taken a language test but not yet supplied the scores to us, please do so as soon as possible using the new information form (lse.ac.uk/study-at-lse/Graduate/Offer-holders/How-do-I/Secure).

  • Continue to improve your English proficiency. Time spent doing this can never be wasted!

  • Above all, do not worry. This is a unique situation and we are working hard to make sure that you can attend LSE adequately prepared to take advantage of the opportunities offered to you here.

What we will do

  • We are assessing and sending emails to offer holders whose conditions we can waive - hundreds already sent and hundreds more in the pipeline.

  • We will arrange the acceptance of online tests and contact you with full information once it is available.

  • We will arrange appointments for LSE Language Centre assessments where necessary.

  • We will develop online learning materials for access by all offer holders in order to improve English proficiency.

Alternative 'at home' English language tests

We are planning to accept several English language tests which can be delivered online without the need to attend a test centre. Some of these tests do not meet all of our or UKVI's needs with regard to their content/security, and must therefore be taken in conjunction with LSE's own language assessment.

Degree conditions

Our selectors are now considering all offers which are conditional on achieving particular degree results.

Where possible, they are confirming those offers based on the existing marks available, so that you do not need to worry about how your current institution is approaching assessment during the pandemic. We will contact you if this is possible in your case.

You will still need to have completed all academic requirements before you can attend LSE, and offer holders applying for a visa will have to show that they have obtained their qualification.

There are thousands of offer holders in this situation, so please wait for us to contact you. If it is not possible for us to waive any conditions based on existing marks, we will contact you to find out more about your individual situation with regards to final assessments for your degree.

You do not need to take any action at the moment.


The School has made the decision not to allow any further deferrals from 2020/1 to next year. If you planned not to take up your place this year, you will instead need to reinstate your application for entry in 2021/2.

You will not need to pay any administration fee to be considered for your first two choices - we will waive this automatically when we process your reinstatement form.

We have adopted this approach as it is the fairest way to ensure that the cohort of applicants for 2021/2 is considered on a level playing field. We will start to process reinstatement requests later in the year.

Action for you:

Please use the Offer Reply Form (on the online application status tracker) to let us know whether you are planning to attend LSE. If you decided that you wish to delay your studies, you can submit the reinstate form, but please be aware that we will not process these until at least July.

Telephone service

Please only call as a last resort: our telephone service is up and running with the team working remotely but our resources are very stretched by the needs of remote working and responding to pandemic-related policy decisions. The vast majority of questions can be answered by reference to the website. We do our best to be completely transparent about our process, so if you follow the instructions about how to apply, and what documents we need, you will be absolutely fine. If we need something from you we will always contact you to ask for it.

Our current phone service opening hours are 11am - 3pm UK time, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Please only call if your documents were received before our current processing date and you have not had notification from us. We cannot confirm receipt of documents until they are processed - see  our current processing times.  We thank you for your patience.

To call us please call +44 (0)20 7955 7160. We use an automated system to direct your call to the most appropriate person. For further details on the options available, see our Contact Graduate Admissions page.

  • Owing to the volume of decisions and supporting documents we are receiving, we will be amending our phone service to 11am - 3pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday, until further notice.
  • There will be no phone service on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Graduate Offer Holder Events

The Institute of Global Affairs and the School of Public Policy recently hosted an online public event. You can watch via their Facebook page. Details are below:

Now or Never: crafting the global COVID-19 response

Hosted by Institute of Global Affairs and the School of Public Policy

Link directly to Facebook here, and to the event listing here.

We are also hosting a number of online offer holder events over the coming weeks. For more information, see Meet, visit and discover LSE.


Exceptional Circumstances

If circumstances beyond your control (unrelated to Covid-19, for which see the advice above) are having an adverse effect on making your application or meeting your offer conditions, you can let us know using our extenuating circumstances form.  We will offer what practical advice and help we can.