Education and Skills

From primary school to university, the education sector affects, and is affected by, what happens in society at local, national and international level. We are interested in how decisions taken by political institutions translate into different outcomes across schools as well as how innovative educational approaches can improve the school-to-work transition.

Challenge existing policies and educational tools, and contribute to more inclusive, innovative and skills-oriented education systems

Over the years, our experts have explored many issues related to public education policies, skills development, teaching innovation and learning technologies. We have, for example, studied how both social mobility and childhood experiences lead to different success outcomes at school. Other projects have focused on the public policy dimension of education, such as changes in government expenditure for education and public funding to widen access for disadvantaged and underrepresented groups.

How can the sector tackle issues such as youth unemployment, social inclusion, skills shortages and increasing competitiveness in a globalised world? How can fast-developing technologies support, rather than hinder, education? To address these kinds of questions, and many more, we have focused our research on existing policies, educational tools and innovative approaches to training across regional, national and global level.

Who we work with..

To offer a comprehensive approach to the subject, we work with experts based at LSE departments and centres, such as the Department of Social Policy, the European Institute and the Centre for Learning Technology and Innovation, as well as external experts and partners. 

Areas of expertise 

Secondary and Higher Education

What we do:

In-depth analyses, evidence and systematic reviews, and feasibility studies across a variety of areas in higher education such as teaching, social inclusion and access, internationalisation and cooperation with business, funding, and pathways to employment.

Examples of our work:

Teaching Excellence in the Disciplines: The range, distinctiveness and impact of pedagogic approaches across disciplines
Higher Education Academy, 2016

From University to Employment: Higher Education Provision and Labour Market Needs In the Western Balkans
European Commission - DG for Education and Culture, 2016

Higher Education Entrance Qualifications and Exams in Europe: A Comparison
European Parliament - DG for Internal Policies, 2014

Study on Innovation in Higher Education
European Commission - DG for Education and Culture, 2014

Study on University-Business Cooperation in the US
European Commission - DG for Education and Culture (in collaboration with Panteia), 2013

Things we know and don't know about the Wider Benefits of Higher Education: A review of the recent literature
Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, 2013

Feasibility Study on Student Lending
European Commission - DG for Education and Culture, 2011

Core experts:

>   Professor Nicholas Barr
>   Dr Will Bartlett
>   Professor John Brennan
>   Dr Marina Cino Pagliarello 
>   Dr Anne Corbett
>   Dr Niccolo Durazzi
>   Dr Claire Gordon
>   Bregtje Kamphuis

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

What we do:

Policy research evaluating policies and practices in VET aimed at improving social equity, inclusion, and links to labour market needs across a range of issues: teachers and trainers, work-based learning, and skills.

Examples of our work:

Business Cooperating with Vocational Education and Training Providers for Quality Skills and Attractive Futures
Panteia & European Commission - DG for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, 2017

Teachers and Trainers in Work-based Learning/Apprenticeships
European Commission - DG for Education and Culture, 2017

Assessment Study of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Myanmar
International Labour Organisation, 2014

South Eastern Europe, Israel and Turkey: Trends, Perspectives and Challenges in Strengthening Vocational Education for Social Inclusion and Social Cohesion
European Training Foundation, 2014

Core experts:

>   Dr Will Bartlett
>   Dr Marina Cino Pagliarello
>   Dr Niccolo Durazzi

Early childhood education

What we do:

Evidence reviews and policy research in the UK and Europe evaluating current policies in early childhood education, equitable access to high quality early childhood education, and outcomes of early childhood education on the foundations for future skills development, social mobility, and lifelong learning. 

Examples of our work:

Children's Wellbeing and Development Outcomes for Ages 5, 7 and 11, and their Predictors
Public Health England, 2017

Closing Gaps Early: The role of early years policy in promoting social mobility in England
The Sutton Trust, 2017

Cross-Beneficiary Report for ‘Regional Support for Inclusive Education’
Council of Europe, 2015

Core experts:

>   Professor Anne West
>   Dr Marina Cino Pagliarello
>   Dr Kitty Stewart
>   Dr Berkay Ozcan

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