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LSE Consulting works across all sectors and disciplines within the School's departments and research centres. We have access to unique intellectual resources drawn from specialists with outstanding reputations in academia and policy research.

We conduct qualitative and quantitative research - from literature reviews, stakeholder interviews or surveys to statistical modelling

Research areas 

We provide rigorous evidence-based analyses to produce studies, impact assessments, and evaluations across the research areas of the School. We deliver projects on these topics with strong engagement of LSE academics, policy impact and sound institutional capacity.

Education and skills

Education and Skills

Education goes beyond books and classrooms as it is linked to issues in wider society, from social inclusion to future employability. 

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Environment and Energy

From transitioning to a low-carbon economy to sustainable growth, we tackle the challenges surrounding environmental and energy policies in innovative ways. 

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EU Policies

Our knowledge of EU policies is all-encompassing, from EU governance, EU funds and policy-making to trade, law and social policy innovation.

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Risk management, resource allocation, international taxation, capital markets and portfolio analysis. Our work scope is broad; our expertise is world-leading.

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We aim to influence health policy in its design, implementation and evaluation from a policy-making, finance, human resources and social care perspective.

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The housing sector is facing structural changes and challenges, whether we look at financing, homeownership and private renting, or the social impact of housing and homelessness. 

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Why do inequalities escalate in so many different sectors across the world and how can we address the challenges this generates, both at the national and international levels?

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international development

International Development

What causes and perpetuates global challenges such as poverty, social exclusion, economic stagnation, humanitarian crises, conflict and violence? 

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labour market

Labour Markets and Employment

The labour market is at the heart of the economy and society overall, and we support governments, firms, employers and employees in dealing with its challenges.

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law library

Law and Criminology

We tailor our scope of work to the most timely and challenging legal questions around human rights, EU, corporate and international law.

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Media and Communications

Our critical and empirical work captures the central role of media and communications within contemporary society and studies the evolution of practices, processes and discourses.

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Organisations and Management

We produce insights into human resources, international development, growth, and innovation, from a managerial and economic perspective. 

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Psychological and Behavioural Science

Conspiracy theorists, patient experiences, drivers’ behaviour, identity constructions in minorities. We investigate the human mind and behaviour in a societal context.

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public policy

Public Policy and Regulation

We look at public policies and regulations from three diverse but related, perspectives: existing practices, potential reforms, and policy impact on citizens across society.

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Technology and Innovation

We address key trends and developments in technology and their implications for society, from the internet of things and cloud computing to big data and online privacy protection.

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Trade and Investment

Trade and investment play a central role in regional, national and global economies. We provide insights into the many and complex dimensions of trade agreements. 

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urban development

Urban and Regional Development

As the world is rapidly urbanising and our population is growing at an unprecedented speed, we tackle key issues affecting our environment, culture and society.

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