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Emeritus and visiting research staff


Billis, Dr David –  Emeritus Reader in Social Policy
Contact details: d.billis@lse.ac.uk 

Carrier, Dr John–  Emeritus Researcher
Contact details: j.carrier@lse.ac.uk

Downes, Professor David -  Emeritus Professor of Social Policy
Research interests: Causes, character and consequences of mass imprisonment in the USA, comparative trends in crime, inequality, the regulation of drug use, welfare services and criminal justice. 
More information:
 LSE ExpertsMannheim Centre for Criminology
Contact details:
Glennerster, Professor Howard -  Emeritus Professor of Social Policy
Associate, Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion
Research interests: The economics and finance of health education and long term care and other aspects of social welfare; the allocation of resources between areas; the history of social policy; the comparative study of social policy especially in respect to the United States 
More information: LSE Experts
Contact details: h.glennerster@lse.ac.uk
Langford, Dr Chris -  Emeritus Reader in Demography
Research interests: Fertility in Britain and Greece; influenza pandemic, 1918-19; mortality, Sri Lanka; marriage patterns; general demography.
More information: LSE ExpertsPopulation at LSE
Contact details:
Wilson, Dr Gail - Emeritus Reader in Social Policy
Research interests: Ageing; ethnicity; migration; health and social services; and gender.  Recent projects include covert resistance in intergenerational oppression; the secondary analysis of life histories of pioneer geriatricians in UK (with Professor Joanna Bornat, Open University); ethics in qualitative research; and the contribution of migrant doctors to the NHS. 
Contact details:


Please refer to the Human Resources web pages for more information about visiting appointments.

Brennan, Professor John – Visiting Professor
Contact details: j.brennan3@lse.ac.uk

Craig, Dr Ian -  Visiting Professor
Research interests: Schooling systems and structures
Contact details: i.craig1@lse.ac.uk 

De-Graft Aikins, Professor Ama – Visiting Senior Fellow
Contact details: tba

Gash, Tom- Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Research interests: focuses on improving the use of evidence in government policymaking and criminal justice system practice, and supporting stronger links between academics and policymakers.  
More information: Mannheim Centre for Criminology
Contact details: t.gash@lse.ac.uk

Hemerijck, Professor Anton- Centennial Professor in the Department of Social Policy
Research interests: Comparative research on the welfare state across rich European democracies. Read more here (PDF)

Contact details: A.C.Hemerijck@lse.ac.uk

Macnicol, Professor John -  Visiting Professor
Research interests: Age discrimination, ageing and social policy, retirement, pensions. Poverty, social exclusion and the history of the 'underclass' idea.  Professor Macnicol has recently been awarded a two year Leverhulme fellowship for a project entitled 'From "Underclass" to "Social Exclusion"'.
More information: Curriculum Vitae   (PDF)
Contact details: j.macnicol@lse.ac.uk  

Nieboer, Dr Jeroen- Post-Doctoral Fellow
More information: LSE Experts
Contact details:  j.nieboer@lse.ac.uk

Orsini, Dr Chiara – Visiting Fellow
Contact details: c.orsini@lse.ac.uk

Ruch, Dr Andreas- Visiting Research Fellow
Research interests:  the individual and situational factors influencing police officers’ discretion assessments when dealing with criminal offences. His research experience includes violent and sex crime, juvenile delinquency, crime and social inequality, crime and migration processes, police and minorities, police and mass events, decision making processes within the criminal justice system.
More information: Mannheim Centre for Criminology
Contact details: A.Ruch@lse.ac.uk 

Torry, Dr Malcolm- Visiting Senior Fellow
Research interests: The reform of the benefits system, and particularly the desirability and feasibility of increased coverage of unconditional and nonwithdrawable benefits; the characteristics and management of religious and faith-based organisations.
More informationCurriculum Vitae
Contact details: malcolm@torry.org.uk

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