Dr Seung Mo Kang

Dr Seung Mo Kang


Department of International History

Key Expertise
Japan, Germany, Cold War

About me

I joined the LSE International History Department as an MPhil/PhD student in September 2016 and graduated in 2021. My research tries to link post-war Japanese peace settlement with the various developments around the world after the end of WWII. I am particularly interested in how the Cold War conflict in Europe influenced the formation of the Treaty of Peace with Japan. Before coming to LSE, I studied at Macalester College as an undergraduate Anthropology major, and later went to Seoul National University for MA in International Studies. 

Thesis title

The crafting of the Treaty of Peace with Japan, 1945-1951


Expertise Details

Japanese peace treaty; Cold War; decolonization; reparations; territorial disputes; Germany


Papers and presentations

  • "US Decision to Exclude South Korea from the Treaty of Peace with Japan," Roosevelt Institute for American Studies International PhD Seminar, 16 November 2017, Middelburg, the Netherlands.
  • "Deciding on the Signatory States for the Japanese Peace Treaty: the case of South Korea and Vietnam," London School of Economics HY509 International History Research Seminar, 24 January 2018, London, UK.
  • "The Territorial Questions in Post-War East Asia: Kurile Islands, Liancourt Rocks and Okinawa," CU-LSE Research Seminar, 20 April 2018, New York, US. 
  • "The Question of Vietnamese Representation in the Japanese Peace Treaty," International Graduate Student Conference on Cold War, 3-5 May 2018, London, UK. 
  • "Neglected Stories of Japanese Peace Settlement: the case of South Korea and Associated States," SHAFR, 21-23 June 2018, Philadelphia, US.


Honours and awards

  • LSE Studentship (2016-2020)