Ms Danielle Davenport

Ms Danielle Davenport

PhD Student

Department of International History

About me

Danielle grew up in the seaside town of Bournemouth with her British father, Indian mother, and older sister. She is a graduate of both King’s College London (BA) and the LSE (MSc), universities that developed her fascination with colonialism, post-colonialism, and British Imperial history. Danielle is currently a PhD Candidate with LSE’s International History Department.


"Scope of belonging: The Uncertainty of Being Biracial or ‘Mixed Race’ in India and Zambia at the End of the British Empire"

Her thesis examines the uncertain transitional moment between the colonial and post-colonial periods in India and Zambia. It studies the place of people of mixed imperial heritage to illuminate the history of decolonisation and explore the ambiguities of racial identity in the British colonial world.

Expertise Details

Transnational history; colonialism; post-colonialism; decolonisation; imperial history; identity; belonging;  hybridity; race; mixed race; biracial; Anglo-Indian


  • Recipient of an LSE PhD Studentship (ongoing)