Dr Eleanor Janega

Dr Eleanor Janega

Guest Teacher

Department of International History

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Office Hours
Friday, 3pm to 4pm
Czech, English, Spanish
Key Expertise
Sexuality; the Holy Roman Empire

About me

Eleanor's current research focuses on the conceptualisation of sex and its influence on society in the medieval and early modern period.

She speacialises in sexuality, propaganda, apocalypticism, urbanity, and empire, in the late medieval and early modern periods, with a particular emphasis on Bohemia and the Holy Roman Empire. She holds a PhD in History and an MA in Medieval Studies from University College London, and a BA in History from Loyola University Chicago.

PhD Thesis

Jan Milíč of Kroměříž and Emperor Charles IV: Preaching, Power, and the Church of Prague

Expertise Details

Sexuality; bohemian identity; apocalypticism; concepts of time; the Holy Roman Empire; sex work; preaching; cities


Eleanor teaches the following courses:

At undergraduate level:

HY118 - Faith, Power and Revolution: Europe and the Wider World, c.1500-c.1800






Selected Papers

• November 2018: IHR History of Sexuality Seminar, ‘Love in flame: Sex as object in the medieval mind and society’.

• March 2018: The Maladies, Miracles and Medicine of the Middle Ages, II: Places, Spaces and Objects, ‘Creating Wounds/Creating Empire: The Feast of the Holy Lance and Nail’.

• June 2017: Science Museum Lates, Sex, ‘Sex and the (Medieval) City: Social Hygiene and the Urban Ideal’.

• May 2017: Forgotten Women from a Forgotten Region: Prostitutes and Female Slaves in Central and Eastern Europe in the Long Middle Ages, Department of Medieval Studies, CEU, ‘‘Suspect Women: Prostitution, Reputation, and Gossip in Fourteenth-Century Prague’.

• July 2015: University of Leeds, International Medieval Congress, 2015, ‘Charles IV of Bohemia: Religion, Renewal, and Rulership’.

• September 2014: Royal Holloway, History Research Seminar, ‘”With Fingers Extended”: Preachers and the Court of Emperor Charles IV’.

• January 2014: Institute for Historical Research, Late Medieval Seminar, ‘A New Jerusalem: Preaching, Power, and Empire in Fourteenth-century Bohemia’.

• July 2013: University of Leeds, International Medieval Congress, 2013, ‘The Church of Prague in the Last Days:  Eschatological Reform Preaching in Fourteenth-century Bohemia’.

• May 2012: Western Michigan University, International Congress on Medieval Studies, 2012, ‘“It all begins with succession from the Empire”: Emperor Charles IV and Reform Preaching in Fourteenth-century Bohemia’.

• October 2011: German Historical Institute, Washington DC, Medieval History Seminar 2011, ‘Jan Milíč of Kroměříž and the “Church of Prague”: Urban Culture, Flux, Response, and Gain’.

• September 2011: German Historical Institute, London, German Historical Society Annual General Meeting 2011, ‘”Illuminating the Land of Bohemia”: Local Saints in Fourteenth-century Bohemian Reform Sermons’.

• May 2011: London Medieval Society, Postgraduate Colloquium, ‘“The worst and most horrible neighborhood”: Brothels, Reform, and Display in Fourteenth-century Prague’.

• July 2010: University of Kent, Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, ‘The Use and Abuse of Public and Private Space in Late Medieval and Early Modern Towns’,  ‘”A New Jerusalem”: Fourteenth-century Prague as a Stage for Radical Preaching’.

• March 2010: The Urban History Group Annual Conference, University of Durham, ‘Transgressive Cities: Practices and Place’, ‘Babylon or Jerusalem? The Eschatological Preaching of Jan Milíč of Kroměříž in Fourteenth-century Prague’.

• February 2009: School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies, University of London, International Postgraduate Conference on Central and Eastern Europe, ‘Perpetual Motion? Transformation and Transition in Central, Eastern Europe and Russia’, ‘”The Antichrist comes”: Apocalyptic Preaching in Fourteenth-century Prague’.