Working papers 2011

  • Nº 156 Merchantilist institutions for a first but precociousindustrial revolution; The Bank of England, the Treasury and the money supply, 1694-1797 
    Patrick O'Brien
  • Nº 155  Why did (pre ‐ industrial) firms train? Premiums and apprenticeship contracts in 18 th century England.
    Patrick Wallis, Chris Minns
  • Nº 154 Labour, law and training in early modern London: apprenticeship and the city's institutions
    Patrick Wallis
  • Nº 153 The Finances of the East India Company in India, c. 1766-1859 
    John F. Richards
  • Nº 152  Rock, Scissors, Paper: the Problemof Incentives and Information in Traditional Chinese State and the Origin of Great Divergence
    Debin Ma
  • Nº 151 What caused Chicago Bank Failures in the Great Depression? A look at the 1920s
    Natacha Postel-Vinay  
  • Nº 150 The Contributions of Warfare with Revolutionary and Napoleonic France to the Consolidation and Progress of the British Industrial Revolution
    Patrick Karl O'Brien