Economic History Academic Events and Lectures 2020-21

Events 2020-21


Reflections on Bearmarkets
Simon Brewer, Morgan Stanley
December 2, 12-1pm.

Alum Simon Brewer will talk about the important cyclical and structural bear markets in asset classes, ranging from equities to commodities and currencies.  He will also examine the historic parallels, pointing to the predictability of human behaviour when confronted with the polarities of fear and greed.

Details and how to register are on this page: Reflections on Bearmarkets

Dinesen Photo

Public Online Event

Absent Management in Banking: How Banks Fail And Cause Financial Crisis

Presenter: Christian Dinesen (Dinesen Associates)
Moderator: Dr Olivier Accominotti
Chair: Dr Natacha Postel Vinay

In this public online event, Christian Dinesen will be in discussion with Dr Olivier Accominotti about his recent book, 'Absent Management in Banking', which explores the history of management in banking and its impact on global financial crises. 

Full details of this event, including how to register, can be found here: Absent Management in Banking


Forthcoming Events:

  • Epstein Lecture 2021
  • Full details to be confirmed.