Economic History Academic Events and Lectures 2019-20

Events 2020  


LSE Historical Economic Demography Workshop
31 January 2020, NAB 2.06, LSE

Research in progress on topics including the Bengal famine of 1943, the history of mortality in Britain, and demography and women and children's remuneration.

The full list of presenters and papers is available here: Historical Economic Demography Workshop


Epstein Lecture 2020: 
Export Booms and Labour Coercion: Evidence from the Lancashire Cotton Famine
Professor Mohamed Saleh (Toulouse School of Economics)

Chair: Professor Joan Roses
Date and time: 5 March, 18:00-19:30
Venue:  PAN G.01 (Pankhurst Tower)

Full details of this event can be found on this webpage: Epstein Lecture 2020

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Alumni Lecture 2020 - postponed until further notice

Absent Management in Banking; How Banks Fail And Cause Financial Crisis
Lecturer: Christian Dinesen (Dinesen Associates)
Chair: Dr Olivier Accominotti
Details are here: Alumni Lecture 2020

Shop closed due to COVID-19

What shape the recovery? Assessing the economic and social impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic

Date: Wednesday 24 June, 2020
Time:  5:00–6:30 PM UK time

A virtual panel discussion on the potential economic and social implications of the Covid-19 pandemic, hosted by leading economic historians from the Department of Economic History, LSE. 

For more information and to register, follow this link: What shape the recovery?


Technology in the Industrial Revolution

Date: Thursday 25 June, 2020
Time: 6:00-7:30 PM, UK time

An virtual discussion with Dr Barbara Hahn of her new book, hosted by the Narrative Science Project at the Department of Economic History, LSE, and King's College, London. Guests also include Professor Jane Humphries (LSE) and Professor David Edgerton (KCL).

For more details and to register, click on the event page here: Technology in the Industrial Revolution


Michaelmas 2019

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OWL Economic History Workshop 2019
25 October 2019, LSE

This year's keynote speaker is Tracy Dennison, Professor of Social Science History, Caltech.

For more details of this year's annual workshop for economic historians from Oxford, Warwick and LSE follow the link below:

OWL Economic History Workshop 2019

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Socialization and Skill: The Master Apprentice Relationship in Long Term Perspective

Speakers will include Laura Gowing, Jeff Horn, Jonathan Barry, Jose Nieto Sánchez,  Ida Juul, Leonard Rosenband, Lars Edgren, Sietske Van den Wyngaert and Merja Uotila.

More details of this event can be found on its dedicated event page: Socialisation and Skill.

Organised by the University of Antwerp, LSE and the Economic History Society.