Working papers 2009

  • N°133 Regional Market Integration in Italy During the Unification (1832-1882)
    Anna Missiaia
  • N°132 Money, States and Empire: Financial Integration Cycles and Institutional Change in Central Europe, 1400-1520
    David Chilosi and Oliver Volckart
  • N°131 The Economic Legacies of the 'Thin White Line': Indirect Rule and the Comparative Development of Sub-Saharan Africa
    Peter Richens 
  • N°130 Depression Econometrics: A FAVAR Model of Monetary Policy During the Great Depression Pooyan Amir and Albrecht Ritschl
  • N°129 Does Trade Explain Europe's Rise?  Geography, Market Size and Economic Development 
    Roman Studer
  • N°128 The Education and Training of Gentry Sons in Early-Modern England
    Patrick Wallis and Cliff Webb
  • N°127 Did Globalization Aid Industrial Development in Colonial India? A Study of Knowledge Transfer in the Iron Industry
    Tirthankar Roy
  • N°126 After the Great Debasement, 1544-51: Did Gresham's Law Apply? 
    Ling-Fan Li
  • N°125 Leaving Home and Entering Service: The Age of Apprenticeship in Early Modern London 
    Patrick Wallis, Cliff Webb, and Chris Minns
  • N°124 Law and Economic Change in Traditional China: A Comparative Perspective 
    Debin Ma
  • N°123 Wages, Prices and Living Standards in China, 1738-1925: in Comparison with Europe, Japan and India 
    Robert C. Allen, Jean-Pascal Bassino, Debin Ma, Christine Moll-Murata and Jan Luiten van Zanden
  • N°122 Evolution of Living Standards and Human Capital in China in 18th-20th Century: Evidences from Real Wage and Anthropometrics 
    Joerg Baten, Debin Ma, Stephen Morgan and Qing Wang
  • N°121 Bairoch Revisited. Tariff Structure and Growth in the Late 19th Century
    Antonio Tena-Junguito
  • N°120 The Pattern of Trade in Seventeenth-Century Mughal India: Towards an Economic Explanation Jagjeet Lally
  • N°119 Time and Productivity Growth in Services: How Motion Pictures Industrialized Entertainment Gerben Bakker
  • N°118 Rules and Reality: Quantifying the Practice of Apprenticeship in Early Modern Europe Chris Minns and Patrick Wallis
  • N°117 Why Easter Island Collapsed: An Answer for an Enduring Question
    Barzin Pakandam
  • N°116 The Impact of School Provision on Pupil Attendance: Evidence from the Early 20th Century Mary MacKinnon and Chris Minns
  • N°115 Business Cycles and Economic Policy, 1914-1945: A Survey
    Albrecht Ritschl and Tobias Straumann
  • N°114 War and Wealth: Economic Opportunity Before and After the Civil War, 1850-1870 
    Taylor Jaworski