Working papers 2006

  • N°96 Gresham on Horseback: The Monetary Roots of Spanish American Political Fragmentation in the Nineteenth Century 
    Maria Alejandra Irigoin
  • N°95 Mercantilist Institutions for the Pursuit of Power with Profit. The Management of Britain's National Debt, 1756-1815 
    Patrick Karl O'Brien
  • N°94 Rodney Hilton, Marxism and the Transition From Feudalism to Capitalism
    Forthcoming in C. Dyer, P. Cross, E. Wickham (eds.) Rodney Hilton's Middle Ages, 400-1600 Cambridge UP 2007
    S.R. Epstein
  • N°93 Harbingers of Dissolution? Grain Prices, Borders and Nationalism in the Hapsburg Economy Before the First World War
    Max-Stephan Schulze & Nikolaus Wolf